Kono development is not independent from political activism

By: Saa Kaimachiande

I have with innate curiosity and attentive detail read suggestions about probable developmental project(s) that Konos are encouraged by this medium to embark on with the clear view of improving the circumstance of Konos. This is without doubt a noble and patriotic effort by any Kono man who decides to embrace this effort.

 However, it must be understood that when public funds are solicited for any program or project, whatever developmental projects are to be considered must be thoroughly vetted.

By this I mean, ideas must be discussed in their totality, clearly laying out their virtues and vices so that all concerned, or others that might want to be part of such engagement, would have their words on said issue. That would essentially be democracy in play.

With this is in mind, I would advise that more ideas be solicited from the Forum, and all subscribing to this medium be allowed ample time to take the suggested ideas under advisement, and subsequently time to present their analytic, supportive and, probably, contrary views. With this done, each and every one would claim ownership of whatever decision is taken.

 We Konos in particularly, as a matter of fact, all Sierra Leoneans, to be general, have to be mindful of the fact that we are in a very significant moment of our political history. What we do at this epic period in terms of electioneering which includes canvassing and putting a particular party in power, would definitely come to hunt us for a long time to come.

I would like to remind each and every one on this Forum that no matter what quality or quantity of grouping you may belong to, there are certain developmental projects in any city, district or state that are the exclusive province of the national government i.e., the provision of water supply, electricity, paving of the arteries, medical provision etc. can definitely not be provided by a group of us no matter how good our ideas are.

 Indeed, without a scintilla of doubt, projects as such are capital-intensive, therefore, can only be undertaken by our government except in the cases of a few of us have won multimillion dollar lottery of which we intend to use to patronize Kono on projects as those. Kono has been on her own, for all intent and purposes; singularly endowed with the unenviable Herculean task of carrying “the cross” of the financial burdens of Sierra Leone solely on her back.

Our locally produced revenues are being used by various governments to develop other places other than Kono. When there are suggestive lies about helping Kono, it is almost always out of the township i.e., Kono-Matotoka highway.

Even at that, it is always certainly slated for after an election. Is the idea of the development of Kono stupid??? What do we do in this instance? Become apolitical, raise up our hands in defeat and just coil up in some dungeon and say with a sense of failed resignation that we must no longer belong to any political party??

We have two political parties that have woefully failed us. The worst of the two parties is APC. Apc is running hard with the hope of retaining power to continue the same old and failed Policies that have more than devastated Kono. What do we do? Sit by and resign ourselves to our prodigiously horrible fate?? I refuse to take no for an answer.

In America, there are two political parties; when a party that is in power fails the people, it is conveniently and hurriedly replaced with the other at election time. The circumstances of the two parties with Kono are like a sick person attempting to cure him or herself by trying various curative medications until they can find the appropriate one. Apc, by any yardstick of measurement, is not the appropriate medicine for Kono.

 With this in mind, at these fateful election times, each and every Kono man and woman should be working over-drive to defeat this Apc party. There are serious ramifications by any of the two political parties assuming power. The control of the National purse-string, setting policies that affect the entire country, hiring and firing of employees, directing the economic trajectory of the country as to who and what district gets what, and setting standards across the board which are all immensely vital action by any government that is bound to have systemic effect on the entirety of the country.

 Because of this obvious fact, we cannot afford to do one thing, as caring Konos, in the exclusion of the other. We should make all attempts at developing Kono in our own little way, but also, and more importantly, we must not fail to rise up our voices in unison in bringing down a party that has failed Kono in so many ways.

This is what American call multi-tasking. We should be able to do multiple things at the same time. At this point, Kono should be given what Kono deserves. I mean the exploitation of our land is out of this world. For instance, Apc operatives bring investors to mine diamonds in Kono and then, in turn, ask those same investors to build schools in Portloko and Makeni other than in Kono. The subjugation of our feelings, hope and aspiration is complete under this party. We cannot let this continue.

 Political activism is therefore a must for all Konos. The efforts we would be undertaking in refurbishing Kono in our own way would be at the margins of development; nothing substantial enough to make a radical difference in the constitution of Kono. With this in mind, let us go for the National Pie and ask for our portion; there lies our salvation.

Let us elect a party that would accord us that right of ownership to a Pie that we the Konos provided, baked and served. At this moment, is more than incumbent on every Kono man and woman to canvass our friends, family members, hangers-on and whosoever that is willing to hear us out vote for SLPP, a party that would hopefully make a difference in the lives of the Konos.