KONO Has Always Been The System’s Victim.

By Saa Kaimachiande.

The outright lies and deception beats go on. We can say without tongues in our cheeks that no politics is involved; we can with a ridiculously straight face say the Konoman contractor is to blame, or we can even blame it on our hapless Kono stars.

The point is, even in her wretched notoriously state of development; even its degenerated state of civic activities, Kono is still carrying our country on her back single-handedly through thick and thin while nothing of good, of benefit and substance is accrued to her.

Who controls the source of power and wealth in our country today? Who doles the pie according to how they see fit in our country?

Who is giving out our lands to foreign miners without eliciting the views of our people, yet and worse, the people are to face the negative consequences of those acts?? Who is that THOUSAND POUND GORILLA in the room that should be blamed for negation of the rules of fairness when it comes to Kono? The BUCK should stop somewhere.

That is clearly the rule of accountability. Regrettably, when it comes to Kono, no one takes responsibility. Kono should fend for herself if her circumstance is to be improved. That is the relative truism that is been peddle around very lately

More than anything else, the chief Executive Officer in our country, which is President Ernest Koroma, is responsible for all contracts issued in the name of the country. Should the contract go well or fail in its execution, the president and his party should take the praise or blame.

But this party, the APC party is only willing to take all the praises, but vacillates and fabricates when it comes to its outlandish failures. Before a contract is issued out to any company or individual, there has to be an exhaustive background check to ensure double sure that the designated entity has the appropriate bonding, financial wherewithal as stated by a respected bank; the technical know-how and the necessary gears/equipment and/or machinery to get the job done.

In abstentia of these fundamental prerequisites, it is all political gimmickry that does not deserve a nano-moment of our thinking process. The President, Ernest Koroma and his party, APC, control all three branches of governance in Sierra Leone. He has what seems to be an unabridged control of all our resources.

The opposition is, from all practical accounts, quadriplegic when it comes to facing the party in power– APC— on any issue. So what we have in Sierra Leone today is unchecked powers vested in the executive that he unabashedly used at whim to biasedly dole out the country’s resource leaving Kono in the lurch. Kono has always been the victim of the edge of that sword. Kono definitely has a way to go to improve her woeful circumstance.

The telling questions we should be asking ourselves on the contracts doled to rebuild the Kono arteries are; who has been prosecuted for fraudulent crimes committed against the state for their blatant failure to execute a contract according to terms?? Who has been convicted in Kono for said crimes??

Who has been jailed for the crimes in question?? The government is taking joy in toying with our collective sensibilities. Until Konos could peacefully rise up in unison against a biased and a non-caring government, the cancer of our circumstance is surely going to metastasize, and nobody needs to tell us what the result would be.