Kono Health Workers On Strike.

By Pormasu Takorfai..

Health Workers in Kono, eastern ‪Sierra Leone have started an indefinite strike over the non-payment of their weekly hazard pay for all of October.

According to Umaru Fofana of The Politico Newspaper, The unpaid workers “will go to the hospitals but will not touch any ‪‎Ebola patients.”

Kono is currently recording high numbers of infected Ebola patients.

Reactions are building up in the social media for the lackadaisical attitude of the APC government in Sierra Leone. “This is how it is in this part of the world called Salone…..and for all i know the so-called patriots, nationalistic guys, the civil society activists and their backers will stay on the side-lines until another crude action is taken by the protesters only would they come out with baseless statements condemning their actions… and as you are aware, the guys in power will fire all of them on air…..what do our guys in power take us for????? The day of reckoning will surely come”, reacted Mr Sheku Koroma.

Albert Baron Ansu complained; “scarcely as the President left Kono, this issue should have been flagged or gleaned by a leader whose ears are on the ground.”

The system is getting hopeless even as “some people in government are misdirecting loot of Ebola resources to criminal projects.

“The authorities and elected officials are jokers. Sad but this is what we’ve come to expect…..they have collected all these donations and are always posing for press. ..Can’t even pay hazardous wages”, Mohamed Lamin Touré pointed out.

Mr Mbaytoka Aiah Lebbie added his voice; “Why do these people have to keep the volunteers without incentives and salaries? It is a big shame but they don’t even care.”

One Kalfala Saccoh algot upset and asked; “Why is this (APC) government using our people to make money for themselves? Other countries are rounding up with Ebola. They are here allowing the disease to spread, as they keep on making more money and not paying these health workers.”

The mismanaged situation is becoming unbecoming.