Kono Paramount Chief(s) Threatened To Be Sacked.

By Pormasu Takorfai….

The Resident Minister East, Maya Kaikai has ordered Paramount Chief Fengai Kaimachiande of Gbense chiefom to explain in 7 days why he was paying a visit to the VP in Freetown last Wednesday when he (the minister) was in Kono District on John Sesay’s political tour. The minister was expecting every chief to attend the political rally of President Ernest Koroma’s brother.

Chief Kaimachiande is yet to respond. News from Kono say some Paramount Chiefs could either be sacked or suspended by Ernest Koroma on recommendations from the Resident Minister East and some prominent Kono politicians.

The VP Samuel Sam-Sumana is believed to be touring the district for further Ebola sensitization, as the virus is continuously ravaging the district.

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