Konoland Nakedly Devastated With Impunity.

 By Saa Kaimachiande……

The situation that is being revealed by caring Konos about the illegal and destructive mining by our own government at the Congo Bridge is very heart-wrenching. It is about time that we took matters into our own hands if the trajectory of the lawless act that is being perpetuated by our own government on the people of Kono is to be arrested and diverted.

We have defenseless Konos that have risen up in arms at the cost of everything they have without second thoughts and have elected to put their lives and liberties on the line for the good of the whole of Kono. What do we do as patriotic Konos in the comfort of our homes in Diaspora to confront these reckless acts by our own government head on.

Clearly, there is no other way around this. The fact is that our government wants to senselessly mine the entire Kono. As I write, the seat of Tankoro is no more. If the conduct of our government of mining in Kono is anything to go by, it is not a bridge too far to cross if we surmise that Tankoro and the outlying areas would be caving-in in not too distant future due to the Kimberlite mining: an underground mining activities whose safety measure at best is reckless and even worse, rapped up in secrecy

Indeed, to save Kono from this dastardly situation this maniacal event has to be arrested now. Kono has suffered long enough with no recourse or a scintilla of remorse from anyone. We cannot allow it to continue in perpetuity. This situation is not about politics: APC or SLPP. It is about our homeland; about what is right or wrong. Until we Konos can be brave enough to take this crazy and marauding bull by the horns in unison, Kono is going to be turned inside out with these hideous minings.

Right now, families in Kensay cannot travel to Koidu Town, the capital city of Kono, to do commerce, attend to personal issues or meet with families all because our government decided to willfully destroy a highly used bridge and thoroughfare with no respect for the people and thought about the huge inconveniences it would bring on them in callously looking for illusory diamonds that they could find nowhere else.This is mindless and brain-wracking. This ugly and naked aggression on the liberties of our people must be rejected out of hand.