Konoland’s Development Needs Power & Influence.

By Komba Kellie…

To my people of Kono ‘power’ I will roughly say ‘Gbassayah’ is and has not been in our favour with regards to development of our homeland. With all the wealth from minerals, we continue to be the least developed in the country. Our land is being exploited with impunity with no regard for our people.

The traditional leaders (mainly from Gbense, Tankoro, and Ka’maah chiefdoms) seem to be of little help in alleviating the suffering of the people. Time and again, together with some elected officials, they keep falling in the same trap like those before them.

We can reverse the current trends, yes we can, by doings things differently. Over the years, we have had power but little influence. The converse could be true. This time around we need both power and influence to change the ‘business as usual’ mentality.

I believe these two components can facilitate the way resources are (re) distributed in the interest of Kono. We don’t need handouts, the huge agricultural potential alone, is enough to leap match us to the top.