Kono’s new classroom block is already bustling with classes, student clubs.

Girls face many barriers in accessing education in Sierra Leone. In their new classrooms , these young students are excelling in their studies

Free The Children’s educational programming in Kono has just passed the ultimate test—final exams. Over the summer, 31 Kono students sat for the National Primary School Examination, and all of them passed!

The team on the ground continues to expand programming and enrich the learning experience for children in the community.

A new block of classrooms has just been completed and furnished. Students are already making creative use of the extra space. French classes are held in one of the new rooms, while another new classroom is the venue for singing club practice and student group meetings.

Two more exciting projects are underway, as a playground and a computer classroom undergo construction—both very special to students who’ve never seen such things on any school grounds in the region!

Anticipation is building as students prepare for an upcoming sports day to be held in the brand new playing field, and for computer class, where Kono students will use computers for the very first time.

The playground will be a safe place for students to gather outside of their studies, to play football and volleyball, and use their campus as a gathering place, where education includes both classes and extracurricular activities.

And, in the very poor Kono District, where home computers are non-existent, students are excited to get their very own computer room, where they will learn typing and note-taking skills.

Computers will also help teachers with administration files and attendance, making it easier to keep track of student progress and participation.

To help students stay in good health and ensure they don’t miss classes due to illness, our team in Sierra Leone has distributed 287 mosquito nets to primary and secondary school students this year, as well as to new and pregnant mothers.

The team also offers training on the importance of using the nets properly, keeping grass clear of homes and avoiding standing water, all of which keep mosquitoes away and protect these most vulnerable community members from contracting malaria.

With Kono students healthy and fit, they’re sure to make good use of their brand new volleyball court very soon!

Free The Children hopes that Kono will soon have the knowledge, tools and resources to lift itself out of poverty and disease.

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