Lamenting International Labour Day.

C4C Press Release:May 1, 2017

Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1st May 2017: The Coalition for Change Movement Salone (C4C) understands that today, the 1st day of May is International Labour Day, and it is a day dedicated to the men and women in the workforce.

The C4C reflects with disappointment the deplorable status of the labour force in Sierra Leone and takes into cognizance that, this sector of the Sierra Leone population lives on less than a dollar per day (among the lowest wages in the world).

C4C also notes that, the people of Sierra Leone
• Have little access to safe drinking water;
• Do not have adequate health service delivery;
• Are suffering from high maternal and infant mortality rates;
• Pay house rents that are disproportionate to their income;
• Have no “low-income” housing facilities available;
• Know that those on the payroll of government are not paid on time and worse, are owed months upon months of wages.

The C4C also observes the high percentage of unemployment among the youths and wonder what we are celebrating as a nation, and how much of taxpayers ‘ money is used to mark the celebrations.
The C4C believes that the millions of United States Dollars that have been embezzled since the Koroma administration took over the reins of power could have been diverted into social service delivery systems to better the lives of the pedestrian population or our labour force.

The Coalition For Change Movement Salone fervently believes 2018 will become the year when real change will come to Sierra Leone; Improvement in the economy and job creation for the youths would not be as it is today.

Long live the people of Sierra Leone!