Lawyer Iscandari Arrested Over Alie Kabba‘s Bigamy Case.

Prominent Sierra Leonean  and US-based lawyer Alieu Iscandari  was arrested in the court room today, January 5, 2016, where Dr. Alie Kabba’s case was being heard.

“More drama in the bigamy case in court. Senior US-based Sierra Leonean lawyer Alieu Iscandari has just been locked up on the orders of the magistrate because he allegedly posted something on social media regarded as “demeaning” to the profession”, as reported by BBC’s Umaru Fofana.

The magistrate Mohamed Seray Wurie  did order his arrest on allegation that lawyer Iscandri had posted a demeaning statement about the legal profession in Sierra Leone.

Mr Iscandari did post the following statements on his Facebook’s Timeline; “In court with Alie kabba case. Bail granted. Police prosecutor gets up and makes a stupid objection to magistrate’s rulings and he was deemed out of order. Finally justice appears to have been done. In court as a foreign jurisdiction observer. No less than 16 lawyers appeared on behalf of the prosecution on a Bigamy case. These lawyers are really really idle out here. This is the type of case that an intern in the USA would under the supervision of a supervising counsel prosecute. I see no reason for 16 prosecutors on a simple case of bigamy. This system is freaking rotten to the core and we need change, have advocated for change and we gonna get change whether THEY like it or not”. The above comment did disturbed the entire politically-manipulated Judiciary”.

This latest action by Magistrate Seray Wurie, reinforces the negative perception held by many regarding his professionalism and abuse of power in the courtroom. Many Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora that there is no freedom of speech in Sierra Leone and that the despotic APC regime of Ernest Bai-Bai Koroma and his bunch of corrupt politicians and civil servants will go all out silencing anyone opposing the rotten system they are running. .

Hundreds of opposition SLPP supporters and well wishers of Dr. Alie Kabba were demonstrating outside the court buildings, demanding the release of Alie Kabba. Their actions  and intervention of various legal practitioners helped in the release of Dr Alie Kabba.

Alie Kabba was finally granted bail this morning followed by Lawyer Iscandari who later  apologized to the court for his negative remarks against the Sierra Leone Judiciary.