Lebanon’s Exported “Hazardous” Waste Gets Approval From Sierra Leone.

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The government of Sierra Leone has given its consent to receive Lebanon’s hazardous trash that is supposed be exported starting mid January 2016 , as Safir Daily Newspaper in Lebanon reported on Saturday.

The Lebanese government has been informed of the approval through the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A letter signed by the adviser of President of Sierra Leone was addressed to Holland’s Howa BV firm that is tasked by the Lebanese cabinet with the exportation of the trash, the daily added.

However, the government of Sierra Leon has set conditions that it will not receive waste that contains toxic substances, and that the approval is considered tentative and not final until after the approval of the President of Sierra Leone and the government.

A trash management crisis erupted in July 2015, when the Naameh Landfill that received the trash of Beirut and Mount Lebanon was closed.

The government’s failure to find alternatives led to the piling up of garbage on the streets and in random locations, which raised health and environmental concerns and sparked unprecedented street protests against the entire political class.

In December, the cabinet approved an export plan with representatives of Britain’s Chinook Urban Mining International firm and Holland’s Howa BV.

The exportation plan will include the newly generated trash excluding the piles that were burnt and buried.