Liberia Mobilizes For Democracy.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…..
The brothers and sisters in neighboring Liberia are preparing for a presidential contest, this month. As the Liberian civil war proved, whatever happens in Liberia–whether good or bad–will be felt in neighboring Sierra Leone. I wish the brothers and sisters in Liberia, a peaceful democratic process. The last PREWAR, presidential election in Liberia, was also held in October. In October 1985, Liberians went to the polls. Marred by allegations of electoral malpractices, Samuel Doe’s party, the National Democratic Party of Liberia {NDPL}, was declared victorious.

Barely a month later, on November 12th, 1985, Liberia’s uneasy peace was rudely tested when the former Commanding-General of the Armed Forces, Thomas Quiwonkpa, invaded the country and engaged Samuel Doe in a blood-spilling drama. Stunned but truculent, Samuel Doe, who was in hiding, ordered the Armed Forces of Liberia {AFL}, to reorganize and deliver a counter-attack. Samuel Doe’s loyal troops mounted a counter-assault, ultimately eliminating Thomas Quiwonkpa’s threat.

The October 1985 elections were conducted in response to the mounting pressure for democratic rule, which the April 12, 1980 military junta, the “People’s Redemption Council,” faced after the coup. In response to popular demands for democracy, Doe went to the polls in October 1985, amidst allegations of widespread electoral irregularities. All that is HISTORY now. As the brothers and sisters go to the polls in 2017, may the most patriotic presidential candidate, win the election. May God bless Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Conakry, all the time.

Each One, Teach One.