London Protest Report (27.04.15).

By Bashiru Vandi ( Protest Committee Secretary -General )…..

On 27.04.2015, a vibrant, peaceful and boisterous group of Sierra Leoneans assembled in front of No.10 Downing St to vigorously protest against the grotesque embezzlement of Ebola Funds and lawless dismissal of our legitimate Vice – President,Mr Sumana. After melodiously singing our noble National Anthem, The SLPP Chairman, Mr Vandi Jimmy Songa,clarified our afore-mentioned objectives. He energetically led a lively chanting from protesters who were inspirational in their determination to expose the rampant corruption and arbitrary rule that continue to aggravate public misery and hopelessness in Sierra Leone.
Public speakers like Mr Thullah(APC supporter) opined that our President blatantly exceeded his constitutional powers in unilaterally relieving our Vice President of his post . Mr Sinah(KDGO Secretary – General ) roundly criticised the mismanagement of ebola funds and scorchingly blasted our President’s condescending attitude to our SUPREME CONSTITUTION! I,

Mr Bashiru Vandi, waded in with a vitriolic attack on the palpable demonstration of tyranny in our country : government officials’ habitual embezzlement of public funds with impunity, pro – government supporters,unlike dissenters, covertly enabled to publicly support the government and peaceful lawyers rounded up by a savage overbearing police for exercising their democratic right of holding a meeting ; all in the fatuous and politically expedient name of “ebola emergency laws !!!!!” Furthermore as we belted out choruses of rebellious chants, our pro- government supporting brothers and sisters also came to exercise their democratic right. The anti – government camp was easily superior numerically, strategically and inspirationally. So WE WON the Public Relations battle by a landslide!! However the Pro Camp are worthy of praise for their contribution to the peaceful conclusion of both rallies. Moreover, Mr Goba publicly read OUR Petition which was handed over to Downing St Officials for the attention of The UK Government. Finally after Mr Songa’s closing speech,in which he thanked the valiant contribution of ALL protesters to the obvious success of our rally , we dispersed peacefully. In conclusion therefore, its worth pointing out that the obviously overwhelming popularity of our cause is irrefutable evidence that JUSTICE IS ON OUR SIDE!