Massive Inferno Destroys Freetown Shell Filling Station.

By Pormasu Tamkorfai-(Photos By Pay Wahun)….

A massive Inferno has engulfed the Shell filling station on Baibureh Road in Eastern Freetown. The Freetown Fire Services is struggling to put the fire out. People have been advised by the Sierra leone Police to keep off and allow the Firefighters to execute their duties.

“The Freetown Fire Force have given up on the fire, at least for the time being. There are only two fire hydrants in the whole of Freetown and environs. And they are both situated in the west of town with the second in the far west (Goderich). Water lasts for about 10 minutes in any of the two functional fire engines at the Fore Force HQ. The fire fighters don’t have protective clothing and are not on a health insurance”, BBC’s Umaru Fofana explained.

Sources confirmed that some houses adjacent to the filling Station also caught fire. There are currently no reports on casualties and damages incurred.

The cause of the fire is unclear but the Sierra Leone Police is investigating.

Stay tuned, as events unfold.


Pay Wahun's photo. Pay Wahun's photo. Pay Wahun's photo.
Pay Wahun's photo. Pay Wahun's photo.