Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina Resigns From The APC.

By Pc Anthony Mortatay Sam…

The Koidu City Mayor, His Worshipful Saa Emerson Lamina resigned from the All people’s Congress Party in Kono District. During his resignation from the party he sited various things that made him to resign from the party – they are as follows:

The lack of political chemistry between him and his party Comrades in kono district no longer rhymes in the human eyes.

Mr. Lamina cited the administration of presidents Siaka Stevens and Joseph Saidu Momoh, that the APC was a party for all, the common man, the poor and down-trodden, the petty traders and the teachers, etc etc. The hallmarks of Democracy is an independent Judiciary which is to safeguard the rule of law.

Needless to say that this cherished values of the party and the Nation have been abandoned. The illegal and unconstitutional removal from office of the Nation’s Elected Vice president in March 2015; and his indefinite suspension as Mayor by the Government for alleged corruption in February 2016 raises serious questions over the rule of law and good governance.

Despite the facts that the National Audit Service that investigated his activities as Mayor, Cleared him of any wrong doing; the authorities have to date refused to allow him to resume duty.

The recent Policy of the party with regards to the choice of the party’s Presidential Candidate and running mate is a decision that is no longer determined by the party’s National delegates and is now the sole decision of a single person, clearly indicates that the party has ceased to be a democratic entity. Even the party’s district and National Executives are not chosen through elections but by appointment.

There is no longer any transparency in the management of the person aspiring for position in the party at both Local and National levels.