Mayor Saa Lamina Remains Thankful To Kono Diaspora.

Dear Compatriots:..
As I leave the shores of the United Kingdom, I should like to take the opportunity of expressing, on behalf of the people of Koidu, Kono, our thanks for the loyal, useful, and devoted services which the Kono Diaspora, from the Chairman of conference, heads of entities of the various nations( USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France, South Korea, Nigeria etc.), their executives down wards to the members; must be thanked for what they have rendered during this of my short stay in the United Kingdom.
I am sure that such a vote will be appreciated, and I can say from my personal knowledge that it is no more than their due.
In the upper echelon, and in the general one, I enjoyed the company of a team of men and women who were loyally devoted to the interests of their Mayor with state vehicular rides, the palatable cassava leaves and hot potatoes, the train rides, overseas free air tickets and special gifts, gaining rich experiences with UK state institutions and conferences; even out side London.

It is a great comfort to me as my responsibility to know that I can rely upon such support, and I wish to express to all my personal thanks.
As The Kono Diaspora elections beckon to the major chapters, it is high time we all distinguished the characteristics between and among ‘made leaders’ and ‘born leaders’ who will raise the banners of the Kono Diaspora family higher, stronger, resilient and above all united with the fear of God Almighty.
By the earnest efforts of all you have succeeded in making our organization prosperous, and the success we have achieved from the conference is due to the combined endeavours of our people back home and our articulate speakers during the conference, down to the most recently registered member.
Saa Emerson Lamina
Mayor Embattled
Koidu City.
Eastern Sierra Leone.