Minister Karamoh Kabba Is Back Again.

By Aiah P Thomas…..

Minister Karamoh Kabba is back at it again, the awful exploitation of the diamond rich Kono District in Eastern Sierra Leone.

I’ve decided to list out the facts in dot-point format so as to accord readers the room for judgement on this sensitive matter with respect to the Congo Bridge illegal mining operations in Kono.

1. Minister Karamoh Kabba made the final call for the Congo Bridge mining to go ahead for reasons of safety. However, this same bridge has been used for over 4 decades without any dying issues, it even withstood the 11yrs senseless war. Additionally, there is no record of any fatality as a result of the supposed illegal mining activities as alleged by the minister.

2. Minister Karamoh Kabba stated that only the immediate surrounding of the bride will be harvested so as to prevent residents from carrying out unauthorised mining at the location of the bridge. But looking at this video report, clearly shows that the scale of mining operations approved by Minister Karamoh Kabba is much broader than claimed. The entire area and localities are been harvested of diamonds thereby rendering the residents homeless.

3. Minister Karamoh Kabba stated that the current raining season in SL is the cause of the flooding in the Congo Bridge area. Records indicate otherwise, the area has never experienced such level of devastation let alone the inundation of the entire area/properties. The flooding can only be logically attributed to the recent mining operations approved by the minister.

4. Minister Karamoh Kabba stated that he doesn’t know the beneficiaries of the harvested diamonds from Congo Bridge. How can a sitting minister authorise town mining but then distances himself from the harvest. Obviously there’re quite a lot of questions he must answer to the Kono people and country as a whole.

5. Minister Karamoh Kabba arrogantly claimed that he has the support of the youths and that only very few misguided youths are being disruptive to his broad-day-light town mining. On the contrary, we all saw women, children, young and old demonstrating in huge numbers against this irresponsible decision by a deluded government minister. A misguided money hungry minister and his cabals whose single objective remains looting the diamond rich Kono district.

This decision essentially implies that anywhere, within Kono district, where diamonds are located is potentially a mining zone. For people have been relocated to give way for town mining, schools have been relocated to give way for town mining, graveyards have been bulldozed to give way for town mining, now the main road connecting one part of the town to another has been destroyed. Sadly, the residents of Kono stand absolutely no chance of benefiting from all the destructions caused by the sitting government and reckless ministers.

While leaving judgement with readers and viewers, i call on President Korma to authorise an independent investigation into these inconceivable atrocities befalling Kono district and Koidu town particularly.