“Munkuism”-Sierra Leone’s Chronic Vogue.

By Dixon Pen….

The new vogue in Sierra Leone is the song of one of the country’s finest musician titled, “Munku Boss Pa Matches, E just Dae Krach” sung by the radical musician, Emerson Bockarie and in this song, people are trying to make meaning of what he said as he speaks to so many challenging issues affecting the average Sierra Leonean especially the young people.

This is not the first time Emerson Bockarie has been critical of flaws of government as his song “Borbor Belleh” was one of the songs that catalyzed the removal of the then ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Government from power. He was also awarded by President Koroma for his outstanding ability in creating awareness through music.

This album has been widely discussed with people in Government misinterpreting the concept of the music, forgetting that Emerson in his satirical lyrics is speaking about realties that are happening in the country but this is the time for Dixon’s Pen to deconstruct what Emerson means by “Munkism” so that it could be conceptualized.

In the first instance, “Munkuism” in strict English sense will mean raw, uncouth and unexposed people and “Matches” will mean a new phenomenon to the unexposed.

Therefore the krio parable “Munku Boss Pan Matches” will be akin to the the English idiomatic expression ‘a kid in a dynamite store’.

In other words “Munku Boss Pan Matches’ is when a raw and unexposed person encounters something new and misuses it without considering the repercussions.

“Munkism” is when a government spends over $100M to provide electricity for its people but the country continues to experience erratic and epileptic electricity supply as two thirds of that money went into the pockets of corrupt individuals, instead of the actual projects.

At first it was the Emergency Electricity Programme to fast track the process of giving light to the capital city and it ended up into square one. Besides, Bumbuna Hydro Electricity is not still completed, after all promises of the Government being  made. The second phase of the project is still far from reality.

The concept of “Munkism” is when a Government is talking about infrastructural development and the people do not have clean drinking water in the capital city.

In fact it is shame that in the twenty first century Sierra Leoneans still do not have access to clean drinking water and people are scrambling to get water in the gutters even though Sierra Leone is blessed with water.

It is “Munkism” when the Government is unable to provide adequate fire fighting machines for the National Fire Force Authority and when an inferno takes place there are no fire fighting machines to put out the fire.

“Munkism” is when relatives of the people in the corridors of power have become rich over night while the majority of Sierra Leoneans are living in abject poverty. “Munkism”is unexplained  and corrupt wealth.

“Munkism” is when people in Government spend huge amount of money when they sick to travel abroad and the hospitals in the country don’t have dialysis machines and other machines that should help the medical area in our country and yet still they talked about free health care

“Munkism” is when the Government budget is full of deficit but yet still every year the government is giving huge tax incentives to mining companies at the expense of the nation

Another thing that was mentioned by Emerson is the person called Adebayo or “Ar dae buy all” who according to the music is buying everything and anything he comes cross.

This Adebayo can be related to the mysterious ways in which Sierra Leone share in Sierra Rutile was sold to an unknown person or company without the consent of the Sierra Leone Parliament and by extension the people of Sierra Leone.

There are other issues that the legendary Musician raised that are worth noting such as the “Lay Belle Committee” (Sycophancy) whose works are to praise Government for their obligation particularly those mushroom Civil Society Organizations who ramped up with the idea of more time for the President just for few “toys”

Emerson talked about the massive youth unemployment and the fact that for people to have jobs they must have party ID cards or recommendations which is very sad.

A case in point is Fishing Project for the youth and youth farm in which people in administration of those projects are party loyalists.

I heard an adviser to the President, Alpha Khan who signed those questionable mining contracts as Mines Minister describing Emerson as a politician when this same Alpha Khan was the one who was praising Emerson when he sang against the then Government.

Now that the President has barely two years in his office, I will just wish that the President focus on some of the pertinent issues that are raised in the music and look at them so the we will be removed from “Munkulisation”.