Musicians & Artists In Sierra Leone Support President Koroma’s Third Term.

Pormasu Komba Yendeh….

Some paid, fake and uneducated musicians and artists in Sierra Leone have joined the band of countless praise-singers in calling for President Ernest Bai Koroma’s Third Term in office.

The so-called “More-Time” campaign did take place over the weekend in an event in Kabala, Northern Sierra Leone.

The president did have adequate time to execute his duties. Giving him more time would not make any difference but restore chaos and instability. More time means more poverty for the ordinary Sierra Leoneans and more time to keep corruption, unaccountability and unconstitutional rule alive.

After having over ten years i in power with the highest ratio of corruption and mismanagement, president Ernest bai Koromas quest for power and wealth is becoming a burden on the fragile democracy in Sierra Leone.

It is enough for the president to have achieved his aims and objectives and leave power, before the country plunges into another civil war.

Tenmoidoh Aiah Barbah's photo. Tenmoidoh Aiah Barbah's photo. Tenmoidoh Aiah Barbah's photo.
Tenmoidoh Aiah Barbah's photo. Tenmoidoh Aiah Barbah's photo.