New Arrests And Political Turmoil In Konoland.

By Pormasu Komba Yendeh…

The final nail and hammer to chip Chief Sam-Sumana’s political ambition out of the APC are at hand. After the I.B. Kargbo committee of investigators into the false and pretentious allegations of death threats brought up by Karamoh Kabba against Sam-Sumana, a report, in line with the wishes and intentions of president Koroma, has been prepared and made ready for the party’s NAC to adopt at their scheduled general meeting to be.

After the adoption of the NAC- APC members, Ernest Koroma will now begin to seek help from MPs to see how Section 77k can be wrongly interpreted for the removal of Sam-Sumana as VP. At the Kargbo investigation committee meetings, witnesses brought against Sam-Sumana included Francis Gbondo, Diana Konomanyi- Kabba, Logus Balogun Koroma and Karamoh Kabba.

The reason of having only Kono people as witnesses was to repeat the Musa Kabia scenario in the 80s where Musa Kabia of Portloko was used to dislodge S.I.Koroma politically so that this action cannot be seen as a tribal or regional bias. As the I.B.Kargbo report is being dusted, Ernest Bai Koroma has begun consultations with other APC Members of Parliament to prepare them for their own side of the game-plan.

It was also pointed out that President Koroma has asked his nephew ,John Sisay to continue his campaign and mobilization tour for as the flagbearer for the APC. His team is now in Kailahun, next will be Portloko and other parts of the country.

As we go to press, two youths were arrested in Kono and detained at the Motema Police station. They were identified by Diana Konomanyi, who happened to have been in the campaign sensitization convoy of John Sisay. The detained two men are nos. 4 and 14 on the list supplied last month to MPs for deliberation, with an executive recommendation to allow the President to arrest and detain any Kono person identified as recalcitrant to his aims.

An eye witness went on; ”they have been seriously beaten up by the arresting officers. Meanwhile, one of those to be arrested is Tamba Fanday, the station manager of the Citizen Radio in Kono. He is strongly wanted by the Police and is nowhere to be seen”.

Although parliament did refuse to discuss the list, President Koroma’s men in Konoland and lady Diana Konomanyi have vowed to teach the Konos a lesson for supporting her rival, VP Sam-Sumana.

At a meeting of the “Youths For EBK” on Monday night at State Lodge in Freetown, it was agreed that the main opposition to President koroma’s political intention of both succession and/or continuity, are is embedded in Kono District. It was thus advised that the President must do everything to forestall this “unimaginable resistance”, (quoting Attorney General, Franklyn Kargbo).

It has thus been agreed that everything must be done to nip both the ideological and physical challenges expected from the KONOS.

A speaker at the meeting, DJ Boxx, suggested that ”every Kono man or woman in the civil service or position of influence must be closely watched and taken care of”.

A new Website and a WhattsApp group are to be launched and aimed at attacking every influential Kono person at home and abroad. The list of the most wanted Konos has been forwarded to the President and head of the APC, Ernest Bai Koroma. It is widely believed that some of these people are either relatives or close friends of Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Samuel Sam-Sumana.

In another development, the house of the Kono leader, Chief S. O.Gbekie in Lumley, Freetown, is now placed under surveillance by the SB and CID personnel. Many Konos in Freetown and Konoland are traumatised with the latest form of political development within the APC party.

Journalist Dave-Tam Bayo ‘ s passport is said to be in possession of President Koroma. His office is also being watched 24/7 by plain clothes men noting down the in-comings and out-goings of individuals.

Our sources further explained that after the dubious meeting, he heard Franklyn Kargbo whispering to one of the attendees ; “I don’t know if we are doing the right thing. What do you think?”

Reliable sources have also been alleged that a state telephone (00232 30112233) has been given to a certain girlfriend (commonly known as EBK’s mistress) of our Chief Executive. The lady’s possession of a state-owned telephone is a great talk of the day in modern Sierra Leone.

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