Nigeria Sends 100 Medics To Sierra Leone.

By Umaru Fofana (…

As Ebola continues to spiral out of control in Sierra Leone, 100 Nigerian medics arrived in the country today to help stem the tide.

According to the head of chancery at the Nigerian high commission in Freetown, Yele Onafalujo the team is made up of 30 clinical doctors, five paediatricians, 15 general practitioners and 50 nurses and will be here for at least three months.

He told Politico the health workers would be coming under the aegis of the African Union stressing “Nigeria is concerned about fellow Africans”.

He said the contingent would be of tremendous help in dealing with the outbreak “because of our experience in containing our own Ebola outbreak” for which Nigeria received a lot of international praise.

“Like we helped with the war here in the 1990s, we also want to help with this biological war because a peaceful and healthy Sierra Leone is a peaceful and healthy Nigeria”, Onafalujo said.

Even before any other country or institution helped deal with the Ebola outbreak in the sub-region, Nigeria donated $ 3.5 million, $ 500,000 of which went to Sierra Leone.

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