Octea’s Konoland’s Tax-Evasion Case Continues.

By Kai John & Abass Conteh…..

The High Court case between the people of Kono being the plaintiff and the Octea Mining being the defendant; took place today 18th January 2016 before the High Court Judge; Justice Bintu Alhadi at the High Court of Sierra Leone on Government Wharf in Freetown.

This matter started with a recall of the pending presentation of the plaintiff represented by Barister Ibrahim Tommy.

It could be recalled that the adjournment of the said matter was as a result of the presiding judge requesting for the geographical map of the municipality of Koidu City which truly shows the location of the OCTEA mining within the municipality.

As the court proceedings continued, Mr Tommy, the legal representative of the people of Kono(the plaintiff) made several presentations including photographs, official correspondences, staff identification cards and the city’ map all to indicate that the company is called OCTEA mining and resides within the municipality of Koidu city.

Mr. Tommy concluded by stating that except the company would want to be fraudulent, that it would deny the name OCTEA mining as his presentations have clearly prove the company’s name.

In response to presentations made by the plaintiff’s representative, Mr. Berthan Marculey started by stating that he was surprise to see a learned fellow trying to convince the public on the basis of an unnecessary matter of pictures.

The defendant was able to clearly show to the court that the company OCTEA mining was not the one doing mining activities in the municipality rather it was Koidu Holdings LTD.

Mr. Marculey clearly states that the plaintiff has no reason to sue OCTEA to court as it was not registered under the government of S/L.

With such statement, the question that remains unanswered is whether OCTEA has been operating without authorization.