Open Letter To Finda Diana Konomanyi.


I am writing to you in simple English in respect of your level of reading and writing skill(s) if any. I am a Kissi by tribe and a kono by geography and I speak and understand kono very well. I understand that your known last/surname is KONOMANYI. Pronounced Kono-manyii. The translation of your last name interprets as “KONO IS NOT GOOD”! Whether the name means that Konos are not good or the kono district is not good is a matter to debate some other day. But it is generally and loosely accepted that the Konos are perhaps the most generous group of people in Sierra Leone. Kono district is the most diverse district in Sierra Leone. It is the melting point of Sierra Leone. So your name Konomanyi would be an oxymoron. Konos are nice. Konos are generous. Konos are trusting. Konos are reliable. Every Sierra Leonean has a relative in Kono.

So Diana Finda Konomanyi, by your conduct from girlhood, it is safe to say that you are not a kono and if you were one, you areNOT a good KONO woman. Kono and Konos are GOOD. But you are not good. You should be called DIANA FINDA MANYI. EE MANYI! You don’t have kono friends. You don’t have kono lovers. You don’t have kono offspring. There is nothing KONO about you. You HATE KONO!!

Here is why I BELIEVE you hate Konos and Kono district. You single handedly, with the help of the three blind mice John Yambasu, fake kono BALOGUN Koroma and madingo transplant Karamoh Kabba, you brought down the vice presidency of Sam-Sumana. I am a card carrer and an  unrepentant SLPP member but I was proud that Sam Sumana, a son of Konoland is/was the Vice President of Sierra Leone and was a hair’s breath away from the presidency. You Diana Finda Manyii dashed that hope and the chance of the konos. Kono posterity will hear your story and ask your child, was that your mother that dashed the chance of the Konos in 2015? If you have any shame, you’d bow your head in shame and remorse.

There is word around now that you have bribed a few greedy Koidu/New Sembehun city councilors to initiate action against the most progressive mayor of the city, His Worship, Tamba Emmerson Lamina. There is talk that OCTEA has given you enough money to bribe a few illiterate councilors to vote none confidence in the young progressive mayor and to impeach him. You Finda Manyii, are now comfortable that you were able to tear down the vice presidency of a country and have boasted that you will bring His Worship Mayor Lamina down. The young mayor’s achievements in only 3 years is a far cry from what you and John Yambasu did to the district council.

Finda Manyii, leave the young mayor alone. The ominous silence of the konos is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of respect for the rule of law and order. The mayor did not lie about his religion. The mayor did not lie about his academic credentials. The young progressive mayor is a member of the Apc. The young mayor is a bi-partisan consensus builder. This one mayor is one to write home about; hence this open letter in intelligible English for your easy comprehension and consumption otherwise ask one of your clerks to read and explain it to you. This is where our country has come down to: illetrate minister heading an agency with one of the most educated group of local leaders.

I personally regret the Sam Sumana story, the last of which we haven’t heard yet. But if Lamina is not left alone finda manyii, some of us have heard that there are private investigators working on putting together a little folder/dossier of the activities and the life of one DIANA FINDA KONOMANYI before, during and post rebel war activities to present to any port of entry for your special scrutiny even as you boast a diplomatic passport.

You Diana Finda Manyii, my prediction is, if there be any man in the world who would be interested in making you a mate and hears your story of treachery of Sam-Sumana, that man would run away from you if he has any sense. My hope is that our ancestral kono fathers punish your treachery in any form that is fitting for bringing Kono and Konos to their knees. May all who are in tacit contrivance be punished along. You have shamed the decent name of your father and your half siblings.

Edward L. Musa,
Washington DC.