APC’s Sahr Musa Yamba Embraces Mayoral Colleague-Aspirants.

Copyright:Sahr Musa Yamba 4 Mayor Communications Team….. As the political race gathers momentum, the Mayoral Candidate of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party for the Koidu New Sembehun City Council- Sahr Musa Yamba has embraced his brothers- Sahr Sorie Biango alias Sagass, Reverend Fengai Nyandemoh and Aiah Berthalomeu Komba in a show of political tolerance and unity which is the hallmark of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party. Mr. Yamba acknowledges the immense contribution and strategic position and importance of former competitors and their supporters in the quest of theRead More

Kandeh & Andrew: Women’s Traitors, Schoolmate Politicians & SLPP Renegades.

By Hawa Kargbo………… After weeks of speculations, Kandeh Yumkella has finally appointed his CKC schoolmate and former colleague of the defunct SLPP Aspirants Alliance. However,for a Presidential Candidate who has wasted so much energy talking about Change, what does the appointment of Andrew Keilie say about Yumkella’s leadership? Firstly, the appointment of Andrew Keilie by Yumkella has NOT put country first rather Yumkella has put schoolmate above country. Yumkella has shown weak leadership by failing to look beyond his schoolmate friendship. No serious President can run a country by onlyRead More

Donald Trump’s Dementia Worsens.

By Leah Thomas…………. With the release this week of Fire and Fury, President Donald Trump has gone on the defense, calling the book claiming to reveal the private workings of the White House a “phony” and referring to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon–who is quoted frequently in the book – as “Sloppy Steve.” “I authorized Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book! I never spoke to him for book. Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist. LookRead More

Ebola Survivors Sue Sierra Leone Government.

By Casper Inveen…. Stewardship of $15m in foreign support for deadly outbreak under scrutiny as officials are accused of failing to honour promises President Ernest Bai Koroma is featured on an Ebola poster in Freetown. Sierra Leone’s government has been accused of misappropriating more than 30% of the money donated to battle the disease. Photograph: Sia-Kambou /AFP/Getty Images Two Ebola survivors are to sue the government of Sierra Leone in the first international court case intended to throw light on what happened to some of the millions of dollars siphonedRead More

Is Portloko President Koroma’s APC Stronghold?

By Hassan Bruz (Northern Bureau Chief)….. This is one of the key questions that have continued to linger in the minds of most people as the year 2017 gives way to the long awaited and much talked about 2018 – the year slated for General Elections. It is the year that marks the last lap of the tenure of office of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as National President. The date for the Elections itself is just a couple of weeks away and the County has become politically charged with PoliticiansRead More

An Ode To Chinua Achebe.

IN MEMORY OF CHINUA ACHEBE By Abdulai Mansaray…. As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death Deep in the belly of THE ANTHILLS OF THE SAVANAH Etched on the mind was, AN IMAGE OF AFRICA Burdened by HOPES AND IMPEDIMENTS But there was A MAN OF THE PEOPLE That was shot by THE ARROW OF GOD To tell the story; in THE AFRICAN TRILOGY Of HOW THE LEOPARD GOT HIS CLAWS In the cold light of day, you beat THE DRUM And when the sun went down,Read More

Tolongbo Versus Tamenkor.

By Abdulai Mansaray…… As jokes come and go, Sierra Leone’s political landscape has been anything but. It all started when 26 people turned up at the national convention of the APC party, vying for the position of the flag bearer. By any standards, having 26 people from the same political party fighting for one and a half position is a mere joke. It was therefore not surprising that the joke on the street then was “U don declare?” It goes without saying that the whole process had descended into aRead More

George Weah Elected New Liberian President.

Copyright: soka25east.com…. George Weah has made history, as he has been voted as the new President of Liberia after trouncing his opponent in Tuesday’s second round of voting, www.soka25east.com can exclusively reveal. The former World Footballer of the Year become the first famous player in the world to clinch the high office of a country after retiring from the game. The delayed vote on Tuesday pitted George Weah, a 51-year-old ex-international football star and Liberian senator, against 73-year-old Joseph Boakai, who has been the country’s vice president for the lastRead More

Zainab Bangura Instead Of Samura Kamara.

By Prof Sankara Kamara….. Since Ernest Koroma hates democracy so much that he had to stop the APC from democratically electing a standard-bearer, the president could have done Sierra Leone a favor by choosing Zainab Bangura, to lead the party to the polls. I am NOT saying that Zainab Bangura is the best presidential personality within the APC. No, far from it. After all, Zainab has her political frailties and critics, too. However, Zainab Bangura is MORE qualified for the presidency, than Samura Kamara. Judging from her past as presidentialRead More

Is The AYV Sierra Leone’s “Robert Mueller”?

BY IBRAHIM SOURIE MANSARAY, Philadelphia,USA….. Watching the AYV television of Sierra Leone from the Diaspora seems very encouraging and interesting these days. In fact, the station has made millions of Sierra Leoneans to feel at home as they are now accustomed to current news and developments in the country. My kudos to the management and staff working tirelessly to bring Sierra Leoneans together in their pursuit of objective and unbiased news coverage. The AYV television station has captured the minds and hearts of Sierra Leoneans, especially as a sequel toRead More

NGC Releases Party-Symbols’ Fees

Copyright: NGC Media Services…. The National Grand Coalition has yesterday released the conditions for qualification for its party symbols for political offices from MP to Councillors intending to contest the March 7th 2018 polls. Women and youths are exempted from paying the party’s application fees and the National Electoral Commission’s nomination fees.  The waiver of the fees for youths is being described as a major game-changer to show that the youths are central to the policy direction of the party. For the SLPP, only women were exempted from paying theirRead More

Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana Dressed In Borrowed Political-Robes.

By Abdul Karim Kamanda (Tatao)… The political recognition of the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Mr. Opel Sam Sumana, has reached a dead end after President Koroma dressed him up in one of his exquisite robes, on loan. The idea behind dandy-boy Opel’s appointment is calculated to help President Koroma realize his ambitious dreams as he manuevers to keep himself at the helm of national political affairs until he dies. Opel’s actual designated role is to help campaign for APC and lock horns withRead More

“We Are Proud Of Our Record”; President Koroma Tells Kailahun People.

By State House Communication Unit….. President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has touted government’s accomplishments, saying APC stalwarts and supporters should be proud of the party’s record since 2007. Speaking during his farewell message to the people of Kailahun district on Wednesday, 20th December 2017, he thanked the people of Kailahun for the massive turn out as well as for the opportunity accorded him to serve as president of the Republic for two consecutive terms. “I am also in Kailahun to present my report card as I did in parliament duringRead More

Ignorant Africans In America

By Prof Sankara Kamara….. SOME Africans in the United States can be quite ignorant of the race-related terms and phrases used in the Black Diaspora. What is the meaning of “Black Diaspora?” The “Black Diaspora” refers to descendants of African slaves who were shipped to the United States, the Caribbean, South America, North America, Europe and beyond. Black Jamaicans, Haitians, Black Britons, Black Americans and other descendants of slaves elsewhere in the world, belong to the “Black Diaspora.” In the language of the Black Diaspora, the word “brother” can alsoRead More

Tankoro CAs Present Hon Tom Isaac Tucker Of Constituency 022.

Copyright APC Bangura……. Under the auspice of Paramount Chief Paul Gaba Saquee V of Tankoro Chiefdom, traditional authorities in Moyema Village and Woama Town, Woafeh Section, Lower Tankoro, on Saturday 16th Dec 2017 in two townhall meetings officially presented Hon Tom Issac Tucker of Con 022 to the electorates. Moyema Village and Woama Town were recently added to Con 022 during the new boundary delimitation. Con 022 comprises: Nimiyama Chiefdom, Goroma Kono Chiefdom and Tankoro Chiefdom ( in Lower Tankoro) in the Kono District. Speaking on behalf of PC SaqueeRead More

10 Years Of Misery, Corruption, Suffering & Death Under Ernest Bai Koroma.

By Musa D Ronso….. The Untold Story of Ernest Bai Koroma’s Presidency In Sierra Leone. We once hailed him as the World’s Best. May God have mercy on our souls. Because we saw black and called it white, and we saw wrong but made it right. Before God could listen to our plea, we must first make amends with fellow Sierra Leoneans. The thousands who lost their lives over the past ten years because of Ernest Bai Koroma horrifying leadership. While the people screamed, groan and sobbed in agony, KoromaRead More

Political Tumult Erupts Around Koidu City Mayoral Post.

By Pormasu Tamba Gbanasie…. The All People’s Congress party’s internal wrangling for the Mayor’s symbol in Koidu City is diabolically erupting into a political insanity, as four of the intending aspirants have fused together in a strong alliance to challenge Mr Sahr Musa Yamba, the new “spirit in the political graveyard of Konoland”. The four-combined revolutionists are Messrs Sahr Sorie Bianco aka “Sagas”, Reverend Fengai Nyandemo, Sheik Zamzam Daramy and Aiah B B Komba, the former councillor of Koidu City Council. The four guys  teamed up on Saturday, December 16,Read More

The Bankasoka Hydro-Dam Politics

By Franklyn Davies….. Following the disastrous re-launch of the Port Loko Bankasoka Dam by the ruling APC government to score cheap popularity and political points, questions abound the day after – inside State House, about who was to blame for the fiasco. The ruling party’s mangled orchestrated event capped a tortured State House’s inability, for political reasons, at least for one time, and for a single day, to level with the Sierra Leonean populace and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. As Sierra Leoneans wrap their heads around the brazenRead More

Tamba Tony Konomanyi Refurbishes Water Pumps In Koidu City.

Copyright: Friends Of Konomanyi…………. In complementing government’s efforts to provide safe drinking water to its citizens, a son of the soil and a master farmer Mr. Tamba Tony Konomanyi has on sunday the 10th December 2017 commissioned a water well to the people of Koeyor community, koidu city. The waterwell, which will serve approxmately five thousand people in the community of mostly women and children costs slightly over Eight Million Leones. When handing over the facility to the community people, he admonished them to use it judiciously. He also suggestedRead More

Sahr Musa Yamba Officially Declares To Run For Koidu City Mayor.

Copyright: Sahr Musa Yamba Media Team SAHR MUSA YAMBA’S OFFICIAL DECLARATION OF INTENT TO RUN FOR MAYOR OF THE KOIDU NEW SEMBEHUN CITY COUNCIL (KNSCC) Koidu City- As the ever-growing need for rapid transformation and face-lifting of Koidu City becomes apparent; the thirst of the people of the Municipality to have a focused, educated, experienced, exposed, connected and above all- empathetic individual to be the embodiment of the “City Father” becomes unbearable. In response to the cries of our beloved people of the Koidu City, the eldest son of theRead More