KONO Conference Committee Rendez-Vous:-30th April 2016.

KONO CONFERENCE COMMITTEE MEETING ON SATURDAY 30TH APRIL 2016…. TIME: 9 PM UK Time (5 PM EST) The contact details for the Teleconference are as follows:… Dial-in numbers: UK: +44 330 606 0182 CAN: +1-605 562 3107 GER: +49 221 9820 3420 USA: +1 605 562 3130 NIG: +234 1440 5200 Netherlands: +31203223000 Access Code: 732961 AGENDA 1)Prayers 2)The Kono Conference Theme 3)Venue of Conference 4)Update from the Budget Team 5)Fundraising 6)A.O.B Please endeavour to attend.

KONOS Demonstrate Worldwide Against OCTEA & Tiffany & Co.

PRESS RELEASE…… KONO DISTRICT DESCENDANTS are calling for a global demonstration this Saturday, 23rd April 2016 to protest Tiffany & Co.’s financial partnership with Octea Group. Octea is the sole owner of Koidu Holdings Ltd, which is the subsidiary company that mines diamonds in Kono District and is the largest diamond mining company in Sierra Leone. In a recent court ruling in Sierra Leone, the high court determined that Octea is not entitled to pay taxes because the Parent company is not legally registered to do business in Sierra Leone.Read More

Diasporan Konos Demonstrate Against OCTEA & Injustice In Konoland.

By Pormasu Takorfai… Concerned Konos in the UK and USA have been given the green light to peacefully demonstrate against the unconstitutional behaviour of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his cronies and also against  the illegally-legal OCTEA/Tiffany & Co Diamond Mining Companies operating and  illegally exploiting the rich Mineral resources of Konoland without paying taxes to the authorities that be. Tiffany & Co buys illegal “Blood Diamonds” from OCTEA in Sierra Leone. The President of Sierra Leone, Dr Dr Ernest Baibai Koroma is also the Executive President of the OCTEA mining Company whichRead More

Do You Want A Lebanese Colonization Of Sierra Leone?

By:  Prof Sankara Kamara…. I have listened to the video of a man purporting to be Lebanese, with a message that bemoaned Sierra Leone’s  perceived reluctance to grant citizenship to Lebanese,  living in that West African country. Tinged with an entitlement mentality, the man’s message alleged, or at least implied, that Sierra Leone is statutorily racist against the Lebanese in its midst. The reactions of some Sierra Leoneans to the video, proved more disturbing than the man’s pomposity. Some Sierra Leoneans have hailed the video as a fight against injustice. IRead More

President Ernest Koroma Heads OCTEA/Koidu Holdings?

Copyright Koidu Holdings….. Company Overview of Koidu Holdings SA Koidu Holdings SA operates as a commercial diamond mining company in Konoland, Sierra Leone. It focuses on hard rock kimberlite operations. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Koidu Holdings SA operates as a subsidiary of BSG Resources Limited and is exempt from paying taxes in Sierra Leone. Koidu Holdings SA is wholly owned by BSG Resources Limited (BSGR) through its subsidiary OCTÉA Limited. Head Office:-84 Wilkinson Road,  Freetown,  Sierra Leone Founded in 2003 Telephone:00-232 78Read More

Liberian Warlord, Ulimo’s General Jungle, Arrested In America.

Edited by Pormasu Takorfai….. Federal authorities in Philadelphia announced the arrest Wednesday, April 13, 2016 of an East Lansdowne man they described as a Liberian war criminal who is responsible for the murder of noncombatants, sexual enslavement of women and conscription of child soldiers during that Liberia’s devastating civil war. Jabbateh, 49, who allegedly went by the nom de guerre “General Jungle Jabbah,” was charged in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia for lying on his immigration forms while seeking asylum and legal residency in the United States nearly two decadesRead More

You Fail Sierra Leone” – Lawyer Alieu Iscandria Blasts President Koroma.

OPEN LETTER TO ERNEST KOROMA PRESIDENT OF SIERRA LEONE……. MEMBERS OF THE APC MAJORITY IN PARLIAMENT, MEMBERS OF THE SLPP MINORITY IN PARLIAMENT. I will start off this open letter by stating it’s Conclusion. YOU HAVE ALL FAILED SIERRA LEONE AND CONTINUE TO DO SO BY YOUR ACTIONS. Here’s why? This morning, I woke up expecting to read something POSITIVE about my nation. Instead, i was treated to reading a summary of a decision on a matter i have been floowing for the past few months. That matter is theRead More

Injustice System For Konoland And Sierra Leone.

OCTEA And The Sierra Leonean Blind Justice System. Edited by Pormasu Takorfai…. OCTEA evades Sierra Leonean taxes under the watchful eyes of Anti-Corruption Boss, Joseph Kamara. They are operating a Mafia-style organization in Sierra Leone. The country’s High Court Justice Alhadi says, OCTEA is not a registered company in Sierra Leone and therefore not obliged to pay taxes but  were encouraged and authorised to register in Sierra Leone. They operate an office on Wilkinson Road in Frretown, Sierra Leone, but Justice  Alhadi pointed out that there wasn’t enough levelled-taxes againstRead More

“OCTEA Or Koidu Holdings Exempt From Paying Taxes To Konoland & Sierra Leone”, Justice Bintu Alhadi Ruled.

By Tab Barbah…. A high court judge in Sierra Leone, Justice Bintu Alhadi has ruled that neither Koidu Holdings Diamond Mining company, nor its brand name OCTEA is allowed to pay taxes of whatever type to the local government of the town council of Konoland and Sierra Leone at large. In a surprised one-hour ruling, the judge said she relied heavily on a parliamentary decision of October 2010 when the legislature of Sierra Leone, in rectifying the company’s agreement with government of Sierra Leone, debated and unanimously voted that theRead More

ECOWAS Gets New President, VP & 7 Commissioners.

By Ecowas News Agency Report…… Outgoing President of the ECOWAS Commission, Amb. Kadré Ouedraogo, has officially handed over to his successor, Mr Marcel Alain de Souza of Republic of Benin following the completion of his four-year tenure. This formed part of activities of a handover ceremony for the incoming president and commissioners at the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja on Friday. In his address, Ouedraogo expressed confidence in the incoming president to facilitate the process of integration in the sub-region. He described Alain de Souza as a “worthy son of WestRead More

9 Presidential Nominees Approved By Parliament.

Press Release (Parliament of Sierra Leone)…. Following a marathon debate by both sides of the political divide, the Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Thursday 07th April, 2016 ratified another set of nine (9) presidential nominees to serve in various capacities to enhance the running of the State. The Leader of the House, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, also commended the public for their inputs in the vetting process, prior to the interview of the respective presidential nominees. The following Presidential nominees were approved by the House through a collection of voices:Read More

Panama Papers: Flaws in Sierra Leone’s Diamond Trade.

 By Khadija Sharife and Silas Gbandia… Dodgy dealings within the Steinmetz Group seems to indicate undervaluing of diamonds, which is costing Sierra Leone tax payments He is De Beers’ most prolific diamond buyer, a supplier to the luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., and an alleged criminal, accused of bribing the wife of a former Guinean president to land a multibillion-dollar iron deal. Given that profile, it’s not surprising that Beny Steinmetz and his eponymous company try to stay out of the limelight. But with the Steinmetz Group’s alleged taxRead More

African Leaders Involved In Panama Papers.

By Aaron Leaf…. Panama City skyline Dozens of presidents, soccer stars and politicians alongside hundreds of their sycophants, goons and business connections, have been exposed as using a shadowy Panamanian law firm to obscure their criminal dealings. The revelations from the Panama Papers are just the beginning, but we’re already getting a much clearer understanding of how the global elite hides their loot from authorities. The biggest data leak in history, the Panama Papers include 11 million documents from the Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, known in the world ofRead More

Patricia Solleh Destroys Yekumah River Beachsides.

 By Richard T Morsay Snr….. Patricia Solleh of the highly respected SOLLEH FAMILY in Kono District went out of her good senses of sound judgement to brush and burn down the forests on the Gbense side of the natural beach God has given to the Kamaar, Sandor and Gbense chiefdoms in Kono District. That beach hosts thousands of residents and tourists of Kono including local and international NGOs on national holidays on traditional and personal celebration tours. The beach is located strategically at the boundaries of the three chiefdoms. Normally onRead More

The Rise And Fall Of Fly Salone.

By Mustapha Wai (Host, MambaTV Focus on Sierra Leone)….. As reports on the grounding of Fly Salone hit social media a couple of days ago, I visited the company’s website at www.fly-salone.com to make sure it was not another prank. At the home page, was the following message: “To all the Fly Salone passengers who have flying arrangements. We regret to inform you that Fly Salone has ceased trading. All passengers will therefore be unable to fly with this airline as the Company will shortly be entering into Liquidation.” InRead More

Sierra Leone’s Deplorable State Since 2007.

By Simon Akam……. When 25-year-old Valentine Strasser seized power in Sierra Leone in 1992, he became the world’s youngest head of state. Today he lives with his mother and spends his days drinking gin by the roadside. What went wrong? There are two ways to drive inland from Freetown. The first is to go through the eastern, poorer quarters of the Sierra Leonean capital. There decrepit vehicles jam narrow streets lined with mouldering clapboard houses. With such heavy congestion, it can take many hours to make the journey. The alternativeRead More

UDM Condemns Mohamed Bangura’s Ministerial Appointment.

UDM PRESS STATEMENT… Friday March 18, 2016 The United Democratic Movement (UDM) Local and Parliamentary contestants in the 2012 Election are calling on well-meaning and patriotic Sierra Leoneans to condemn the approval of Mohamed Bangura as the new .Minister of Information and Communications. The Press Statement reads:- Mohamed Bangura has conducted himself in an under-the-table, immoral, shady, unethical and unprofessional behavior that does not befit a person handling position of trust as a Minister to determine the fate of Sierra Leoneans. He unscrupulously went on air few days to ourRead More

Fly Salone Gone Bankrupt. Corruption And Mismanagement Take Over.

BANKRUPTCY PRESS RELEASE….. To all the Fly Salone passengers who have flying arrangements. We regret to inform you that Fly Salone has ceased trading. All passengers will therefore be unable to fly with this airline as the Company will shortly be entering into Liquidation. All passengers that have paid for their bookings using Visa/Mastercard debit or credit cards should seek a refund through their bank directly. Alternatively if you have taken out a travel insurance policy, you may be able to claim via your travel insurer, citing scheduled airline failure.Read More

FBC Students Protest Against Total Educational Negligence .

By Pormasu Tamkorfai…. FBC students’protest strongly marched to State House on March 14th, 2016 to vent out their grievances of the dilapidated educational and social structures of the University Of Sierra Leone. Some of the protesters were students whose poor parents could hardly pay their University fees. The University administration forced the poor students to definately leave the college premises and denied them audience and lectures. The vibrant demonstration was met with armed riot police officers and SSDs at the State Avenue entrance and was denied access to the President’sRead More

PC Paul Saquee Celebrates 10th Anniversary.

 By ‎Moses Gborie‎…..   Paramount Chief Paul Ngagba. Saquee of Tankoro Chiefdom  in Konoland celebrated his 10th year anniversary with his Chiefdom, friends, family and admirers. He gave a very profounding speech, addressing controversial issues, incidents, policies, achievements, failures and regrets over the past decade during his reign. He is a statesmanthat proves to be very sincere and credible. The VOB wishes him wisdom and success in his traditional duties.