Diseases in Africa

18 October 2014 ses 0

Amebiasis Hookworm Polio Cholera Hypertension Schistosomiasis Dengue Jaundice Sickle Cell Ebola Leishmaniasis Syphilis Giardiasis Lymphatic Filariasis Trypanosomiasis Guinea-Worm Malaria Tuberculosis Hepatitis Malnutrition Typhoid HIV/AIDS Onchocerciasis […]

Islamic Quotes

17 October 2014 ses 0

“O ye who believe! Do not squander one another’s wealth in vanities, but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good will.” […]

UN Ebola trust fund gets $100,000

17 October 2014 ses 0

 By Michelle Nichols and Lesley Wroughton….. UNITED NATIONS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A United Nations trust fund seeking nearly $1 billion for rapid, flexible funding of the […]