Hon OKC Becomes Most Development-Oriented MP in Marampa.

By Hassan Bruz (SLENA Northern Bureau Chief)… It has been a normal pattern for Politicians to overload the Electorate with a barrage of lofty promises each time the Country gears toward general elections. But it would appear there is now a change of wind blowing across which requires Politicians to be much more committed to their utterances. This could not be unconnected with either the increasing numbers of those throwing their hats into the contest or the desire of the general public to go for a Candidate that is moreRead More

AU Calls On Libya To Investigate Slave Markets.

By A Special Correspondent…. The African Union has called for Libyan authorities to investigate “slave markets” of black Africans operating in the conflict-torn nation, following the release of shocking images showing the sale of young men. The demand follows the release of CNN footage of a live auction in Libya where black youths are presented to north African buyers as potential farmhands and sold off for as little as $400. Guinean President Alpha Conde, who is also Chairperson of the African Union, demanded an enquiry and prosecutions relating to whatRead More

Macron Proposes Military Action Against Human Traffickers.

Copyright: FRANCE 24….. French President Emmanuel Macron told FRANCE 24 on Wednesday that he would be proposing military action against human traffickers to combat migrant slave trading. Macron has also called for an “urgent operation” to evacuate victims from Libya. In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 on the sidelines of the 2017 African Union-European Union (AU-EU) summit in Ivory Coast, Macron said he would be having further meetings with EU and AU representatives to propose taking military action against traffickers. “Human trafficking is a criminal offence,” Macron said. “It’sRead More

2 Former Mugabe Allies Detained Without Bail.

By JEFFREY MOYONOV & Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/Associated Press…. HARARE, Zimbabwe — Two former allies of Zimbabwe’s recently ousted president, Robert Mugabe, were arrested and held without bail on criminal charges on Monday, in cases that are being closely watched for how the new government will treat Mr. Mugabe’s closest associates. Ignatius Chombo, the former finance minister, faces charges of fraud, abuse of office and violating an anticorruption law. Kudzanai Chipanga, the former head of the youth wing of the governing ZANU-PF party, is accused of communicating falsehoods and undermining public confidenceRead More

Hundreds Of Nigerian Migrants Repatriated From Libya.

By Stephanie Busari, CNN….. Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)More than 200 Nigerian migrants stranded in Libya have been returned to their home country, Nigerian officials said. The 242 migrants landed at Lagos airport on a Libyan Airlines flight at around 9:00 pm local time (3:00pm ET) on Tuesday. Among them were women carrying children and at least one man in a wheelchair. Nigerian authorities say they worked on returning the migrants from Libya in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Some of the 242 men and women who returned hadRead More

Dr Richard Moigbe Is New Inspector-General Of Police.

By Pormasu TAKORFAI…….. The former Deputy Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Force, Dr Richard Moigbe has been promoted to the rank of Inspector General of Police. The professional policeman is being appointed with several security officials in Ernest Bai Koroma’s new security reshuffle in the Republic of Sierra Leone. Dr Moigbe replaces his former boss, IG Francis Munu who has been appointed as Sierra leone’s Ambassador to Liberia. who in turn is replacing his former boss, Ex-IGP Brima Aicha Kamara who is currently the Ambassador in Liberia. ItRead More

Samuel Eto’o Evacuates Thousands Of Enslaved Africans From Libya.

By Pormasu Tamkorfai (Photos supplied by Samuel Eto’o)….. The Cameroonian football icon, Samuel Eto’o has embarked on his repatriation project to evacuate many, if possible all,enslaved and maltreated black African migrants out of Libya, as many African leaders are having lackadaisical and irresponsible attitudes in taking actions against the current enslavement, killings and imprisonment of African migrants in Libya. When he saw the brutal videos of the storturing, murdering and enslavement of black people in Libya, he flew down to Tripoli in Libya, chartered a big plane to fly outRead More

Ernest Bai Koroma Collects Voter ID Card.

Copyright: State House Communication Office…. President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has this morning, Tuesday 28th November, collected his voter identity card from the staff of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) at the NIBBAT 13 Primary School in Goderich, Freetown. He also spared time to talk to pupils of the primary school where he gave them words of encouragement to study hard in order to become good citizens.

Dr Abdulai Conteh’s Facts On President Koroma’s Constitutional Abuse.

Copyright: Dr Abdulai O Conteh…. Your Excellency Please permit me to write on a matter of grave national constitutional, legal and political concern that has come to engage the attention of our compatriots both at home and abroad. I have accordingly taken the liberty to make the format of this letter an open one, as its contents address matters of public national interest. This relates to the position of the Vice President of the country. Your Excellency, up until 1991 when the current national Constitution was, after a nation-wide consultationRead More

Sam-Sumana’s Lawyers React To GOSL’s Stupidity.

REJOINDER TO THE OFFICIAL REACTION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SIERRA LEONE TO ECOWAS COURT JUDGEMENT IN SAMUEL SAM-SUMANA V. REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE Our attention has been drawn to the official reaction of the Government of Sierra Leone to the judgment delivered by the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice on Monday, November 27, 2017 in the case of His Excellency, Mr. Samuel Sam-Sumana v. Republic of Sierra Leone. In a statement issued on behalf of the Government, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mr.Read More

“PETGBO”: The Emperor Strikes Again.

By Abdulai Mansaray… The news that “His Excellency the President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has decided to relieve Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and Mrs Rugiatu Neneh Koroma of their duties as Minister and Deputy Minister respectively in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs” may have surprised many. This time, both have become the latest anvil for Ernest Bai Koroma’s hammer. Some of us are now shock -proof; with a socially engineered immunity to the occasional political gymnastics of Ernest Bai Koroma. Sylvia’s initial appointment was more shockingRead More

Sam-Sumana Wins ECOWAS Court Case.

By Tamba Gborie…… The ECOWAS Court of Justice, which additionally has original jurisdiction to hear complaints of the violation of Human Rights brought by ECOWAS citizens, has today, Monday the 27th of November, 2017, ruled that the removal of Sierra Leone’s Vice President Sam Sumana from office in 2015 by President Ernest Koroma violated his fundamental human rights to fair-hearing and to participate in politics, as guaranteed by the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (in particular Articles 7 and 13), and other international human rights instruments. The CourtRead More

Ethiopian Ethnic Violence Displaces Over 400,000 People.

By James Jeffrey in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia…………  Huge internal movement arising from clashes between Oromo and ethnic Somali  Night had fallen over the Ethiopian village of Melkabulo when local Oromo men went to the houses of ethnic Somali to tell them they must cross the river before dawn or they would be killed. “Before we were friends, but they said: ‘You are Somalis, you can’t stay in our homeland’,” says one of the Somali men who fled the East Harerghe zone of the Oromia region. “The river was in floodRead More

Mugabe’s Fall: A Wake-up Call For Africa’s Leaders.

By Alex Vines……  End of Mugabe presidency is being watched closely by Africa’s long-standing leaders The end of the Mugabe presidency – with the swearing in of Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare on Friday – is being watched closely across Africa, and especially by its long-standing leaders. Currently, 30 per cent of African countries are ruled by long-standing rulers, defined as heads of state that have ruled for more than 10 years. Africa is not unique in this respect (Central Asia also has its share of ageing leaders), but Africa has aRead More

Robert Mugabe To Receive £7.5m + Life Salary.

By Rachel Roberts….. Deposed Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace are to receive £7.5m as well as immunity from prosecution as part of a reported “golden goodbye” package. The 93-year-old autocrat, who finally bowed to pressure to resign after 37 years in power, is said to have struck a bargain with the military to allow him and his wife to enjoy their retirement in the lap of luxury in Zimbabwe rather than being forced into exile. Although ousted by a military takeover, Mr Mugabe will continue to enjoy fullRead More

Hon Isata Kabba Replaces Sylvia Blyden.

Copyright Editayo George Temple & MFAIC/SL… Following the sacking of the former Minister of Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs, Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden and her Deputy, Mrs. Rugiatu Neneh Koroma President Ernest Koroma subsequently appointed Hon. Isata Kabia as the substantive Minister of Social Welfare Hon. Isata Kabia, during the days in the Civil Society Arena, has also served as a good Honourable Member of Parliament and a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Hon. Isata Kabia was serving as the Minister of State II atRead More

Zimbabwe’s “Crocodile” Emmerson Mnangagwa Takes Power.

By David McKenzie, Euan McKirdy and Angela Dewan, CNN Harare, Zimbabwe: Emmerson Mnangagwa has vowed to be a president for all Zimbabweans at his inauguration ceremony on Friday, during which he also paid tribute to veteran leader Robert Mugabe as his “father” and “mentor.” Mnangagwa was sworn in as Zimbabwe’s interim president, following Mugabe’s historic resignation this week after nearly four decades of rule. Despite admitting he played a role in Mugabe’s demise, Mnangagwa used his first official address to the nation to show respect to Mugabe, whom he saidRead More

Rwanda Reacts To Slave Auctions In Libya.

By Julia DUMONT….. Rwanda has offered to provide refuge to as many as 30,000 African migrants suffering slave-like conditions in Libya, the foreign ministry announced Wednesday. A week after the US network CNN broadcast an exposé of a slave auction of African migrants in Libya, the fallout of the shocking footage has gripped the continent and the international community. On Wednesday, just as France was calling for an emergency UN meeting over slave-trading in Libya, Rwanda announced that it was willing to provide refuge to around 30,000 African migrants sufferingRead More

How To Criticize Maada Bio Patriotically.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…. As a nationalistic Sierra Leonean, I must communicate the following message. I am not a Maada Bio supporter, but for Sierra Leone’s sake, truth must be recognized. You can criticize Maada Bio without insulting his sacrifice on the battlefield. Maada Bio is a PUBLIC FIGURE. In democratic societies, Maada Bio’s status as a PUBLIC FIGURE means he should tolerate his opponents’ criticisms, even when such aspersions are unfair. As a Sierra Leonean, you have the right to criticize Maada Bio, at any time. Whatever you do,Read More

Sylvia Blyden Did Warn President Koroma & APC Regime.

By Abdul Rashid Thomas(Sierra Leone Telegraph)……… With general and presidential elections just four months away in Sierra Leone, serious questions are now being asked within the ruling APC party, about the wisdom of the president, after his sacking of one of the staunchest members of the party – Dr Sylvia Blyden, from her ministerial post yesterday. What is not clear today is how Dr Blyden is now going to respond to what many are regarding as a gross violation of her right to fair and due process by State House.Read More