Partiality & Selective Justice At IMC.

By Jonathan Leigh…

It is all over the world now that the Independent Media Commission (IMC) yesterday fined us a total of Le16.5 million, first of its kind ever, and may be with some ulterior motive. What is amazing and baffling is that the IMC monitoring unit has eyes to see our publication they do not have same to see previous breaches of the code of practice in the past by the very Sylvia Blyden.

In Awareness Times she had written that the kids of a very prominent broadcaster were not born of her husband. That Miatta Kargbo, former Health Minister appeared before MPs half naked, her breast exposed and that the Deputy Speaker has his eyes fixed at her buttocks. In the heat of the 2012 elections, she wrote that she will let the world know all those men I.J dated from her days at university until she got married. All of these were not offensive in the eyes of the so-called IMC Research and Monitoring Unit.

Not to talk of the many immoral things she had written about the likes of Mrs. Karimu and Dr Kadie Sesay. All of these were irrelevant to the IMC. This was the very IMC she had treated with scorn and now that she is on the receiving end the IMC has suddenly become relevant.

And most important of all, she has questioned the color of the APC Leader’s underwear, called the Vice-President VP ASS, and there was nothing wrong with that in the eyes of the IMC Research and Monitoring Unit. For about 28 months I have a matter against Sylvia Blyden at the IMC that has not been heard.

Didn’t several newspapers carry the story and half naked photos of those Sierra Leone police officers on peacekeeping mission in Darfur after their sex video went viral. Was any media house punished for that?

It is a shame that Research and Monitoring Unit at the IMC is done partially and selectively and incoming Commissioners not knowing what has been happening, just walked into this disgrace. How many times did Sylvia Blyden not use her AWARENESS TIMES to insult the outgone Commissioner, Rod Mac-Johnson. And Mr. Sahr Mbayo, the only surviving Commissioner of the old guard is seated there now as a mere spectator instead of guiding the new comers on the long lists of immoral misbehavior by Sylvia Blyden.

The outgone IMC was known to be politically arm-twisted; the reason why Mrs. Hannah Ahmed (Lawyer) resigned, not wanting to be a party to rubbish and Rod Mac-Johnson stepped down unwilling to go a second inning. At his age, it was too much for him. We are afraid and very strongly too that we are sliding down the same path of political interference. God SAVE Sierra Leone.