Patricia Solleh Destroys Yekumah River Beachsides.

 By Richard T Morsay Snr…..
Patricia Solleh of the highly respected SOLLEH FAMILY in Kono District went out of her good senses of sound judgement to brush and burn down the forests on the Gbense side of the natural beach God has given to the Kamaar, Sandor and Gbense chiefdoms in Kono District.

That beach hosts thousands of residents and tourists of Kono including local and international NGOs on national holidays on traditional and personal celebration tours. The beach is located strategically at the boundaries of the three chiefdoms. Normally on national holidays, the beach users usually take shelter under the well under brushed forest trees to relax and have fun, eat, drink and listen to western and traditional music.
Richard T Morsay Sr.'s photo.

This year, Patricia Solleh deliberately decided to clear the Gbense side of these beautiful forests in the name of planting palm trees. How many palm trees can she really cultivate in that historical area amongst those giant rocks? Not much but just to show disrespect for our heritage. Is that what America taught you Patricia? What historical place would you show to your children and visitors in your chiefdom? Palm trees?

Thousands of the 2016 Easter Monday visitors at the Yekumah Beach were frustrated and disappointed. “Your own brothers and sisters from your Gbense side of the beach were forced to use the Kamaar side to relax and enjoy the day. That forest you destroyed is older than your fore -athers who never ever thought of cultivating a rice farm on it”, a prominent citizen from Liberia reinterated.

Richard T Morsay Sr.'s photo.

However, it is clearly known that not a single member of the reputable Solleh Family is associated with this sole act of Patricia Solleh. She seems to be a good girl gone dangerous and destructive.

Another prominent Konoman in the diaspora, Sahr Mondeh, was seriously disturbed with the bad environmental news; “The action of of our sister Patricia constitutes a mere land-grabbing that is going to affect generation yet unborn. This attitude will not auger well for the advancement of our beloved Kono District. All areas in Sierra Leone have their recreational centres like Makeni, Magburaka, Bo, Kenema, Freetown etc which are reserved for the good of all and not an individual”

“What will sister Patricia derive from the palm plantation  which she may never utilise in her life time? Kono needs divine deliverance. I wonder what the other members of the Solleh family will feel about this action. What is the reaction of the Gbense and Sandor authorities. Today is a sad day for all fans of Yekuma. I wish the fans of Yekuma a speedy environmental recovery from this heart breaking news”, Mr Sahr Mondeh concluded.