“Pledge Le100M TO SLPP”; Alie Kabba Urges Delegates.

By Mousa E. Massaquoi…..

Dr. Alie Kabba, Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) standard bearer aspirant has called on colleague aspirants to come together and raise special funds for the activities of the party.

Speaking to New Vision over the weekend, Mr. Kabba who described the call as ‘time for action,’ said he is calling on every SLPP aspirant for the upcoming national delegates conference to contribute one hundred million Leones each (Le100M) to support whosever emerges as the victor after the national convention.

He cleared that the one hundred million Leones is different from the money that would be asked by the party for all aspiring candidates to pay as candidature fees.

He added that, it is very important for them as a party to start to think seriously about their preparedness about the coming elections. He emphasized that the first step is to unite their party and also make sure they start fundraising to compete robustly with the big money All Peoples Congress machine in the coming elections.

“I believe that at the point in time, all flag bearer aspirants of SLPP should come together and establish a special fund for the party that we can not only use for national convention but also as seed money for whosever emerges as flag bearer,” he opined.

The Pan-Africanist maintained that they cannot afford another five years of APC misrule, stressing that the way to win election is to have the winning message, the smart money and the structure to mobilize people to get to the polls and to vote for the party in all corners in the country.

“We as a party must compete everywhere and to do so, we must have the financial well builders and structures to knockout the APC in their stronghold and increase our voting margin in our own stronghold,” he averred.

The SLPP strongman confessed that as for now, the party does not have the money needed in order to build strong national electoral infrastructure that will help the party to win in the next elections. He also disclosed that over time, they have struggled as a party not only to the operational needs of the party but also to plan ahead and stressed that they have to address the financial deficit of the party right now.

Mr. Kabba added that they can not win election as a party if they continue to invest their monies in national headquarters and forgetting about trickling down to zonal and constituency levels.

He maintained that they have people in different localities who have the power to mobilize people to vote for the party and man polling stations.

“If the flag bearer aspirants contribute one hundred million Leones each to the party, it will send a clear message to our party that we are willing to invest in the party and it will also help to cement our solidarity and support to each other and willing to stay in the party and fight until the last vote is counted,” he affirmed.

He however said he believes that his colleagues will respond to the proposal positively.
Asked about his feelings about the SLPP lower level elections, he said he will not comment but stressed that SLPP should stay away from anything that will further divide the them.

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