PMDC Challenges President Koroma’s So-called Austerity Measures.



The People’s Movement for Democratic Change Party (P.M.D.C) has noted the press release by Government dated 3rd October, 2016, putting forward measures to combat austerity facing the country.

The party cautiously welcomes the proposed measures.
The party is inviting Government to display patriotism by adding to the already proposed measures, the concerns here understated for immediate implementation viz:-

1. Government to drastically reduce the size of the cabinet, as it is over bloated.

2. The President and Vice President to considerably reduce the size of their respective motorcades.

3. Government to review the number of commissions, agencies, departments, and other non-viable institutions which could be described as wasteful entities serving no useful purpose, other than providing jobs for party loyalists.

4. (a) Government to review the provision of official vehicles to the Vice President, ministers and ministries, departments and agencies. Official vehicles to be provided as is done in advanced countries to only the Vice President (two vehicles), the foreign minister and finance minister (one each).

4 (b) the pull system to be introduced in ministries, departments and agencies (the number of allotted vehicles to be determined by a panel of experts).

5. The President, Vice President, ministers and all government functionaries, past and present, to declare their assets be they in cash or kind, locally secured or in foreign countries, whether held by themselves or in the names of their spouses, business associates or otherwise, effective 2007 to date.

6. Government to make public all debts owing, foreign or local and where practicable, to publish details of same.

7. Government to make public all contracts entered into since coming to power in 2007, giving details of expenditure involved and performance thus far.

8. Government to amend the Anti-Corruption Act, to make it possible for assets already declared by government functionaries, to be made public, as this will provide an opportunity to the public to monitor the use or misuse of public funds.

The above suggestions are not exhaustive.

C. F. Margai
Leader, P.M.D.C. Party

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