Political Tumult Erupts Around Koidu City Mayoral Post.

By Pormasu Tamba Gbanasie….

The All People’s Congress party’s internal wrangling for the Mayor’s symbol in Koidu City is diabolically erupting into a political insanity, as four of the intending aspirants have fused together in a strong alliance to challenge Mr Sahr Musa Yamba, the new “spirit in the political graveyard of Konoland”.

The four-combined revolutionists are Messrs Sahr Sorie Bianco aka “Sagas”, Reverend Fengai Nyandemo, Sheik Zamzam Daramy and Aiah B B Komba, the former councillor of Koidu City Council.

The four guys  teamed up on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at the evening Talkshow of the Citizen Radio (FM107.5)  in Koidu City to outrightly voice out their dissatisfaction over the way & manner Mr Tony Konomanyi intentionally sold his own candidacy and status to Mr Sahr Musa Yamba, who is commonly suspected of being the new errand boy of Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi-Jusu-Kabba.

It is widely believed that the said alliance of aspirants did suspect certain malpractices & unfairness being displayed by Tony Konomanyi & his half-sister Madam Diana Konomanyi-Jusu-Kabba. in order to make way for Sahr Musa Yamba. Since the elected Mayor, Sahr Emerson Lamina, was removed from office two years ago, the office has been rendered useless by APC operatives in the district.

Minister Diana Konomanyi-Jusu-Kabba lawlessly removed the Mayor because he dragged the Octea Mining Company to the court of law for evading property & other taxes.

Last night radio discussions by the newly-formed alliance aspirants is a sign of God’s vengeance against Diana Konomanyi-Jusu-Kabba who disenfranchised thousands of voters in Koidu city for her own selfish and political interest.

The disenfranchised voters have vowed to give protest votes to help kick the corrupt APC out of Konoland.