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Company Overview of Koidu Holdings SA

Koidu Holdings SA operates as a commercial diamond mining company in Konoland, Sierra Leone. It focuses on hard rock kimberlite operations. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Koidu Holdings SA operates as a subsidiary of BSG Resources Limited and is exempt from paying taxes in Sierra Leone.

Koidu Holdings SA is wholly owned by BSG Resources Limited (BSGR) through its subsidiary OCTÉA Limited.

Head Office:-84 Wilkinson Road,  Freetown,  Sierra Leone

Founded in 2003

Telephone:00-232 78 874 912

Fax: 00-232 22 230 467

Koidu Mine – Koidu Kimberlite Project

Address: Segbwema Road, Swarray Town, Koidu City, Kono District, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone

Telephone: +232 76 859 858

Postal Address: Koidu Limited S.A, PO Box 27, Koidu City, Kono District, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone

Chief Communications Officer

Ibrahim Kamara


Mobile: +232 76 750 984

Key Executives for Koidu Holdings SA
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Communications Officer


The Koidu Kimberlite Project is situated within the Tankoro Chiefdom of the Kono District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone, approximately 2 km south of the district capital, Koidu and approximately 360 km east of Freetown, the capital city.

Location of Koidu on the African continent
Satellite view of the Koidu Kimberlite Project

Mining Lease

Location of dykes, pipes & blows (click to enlarge)

The Company inherited the initial 25-year mining lease agreement signed in 1995 from the previous mineral right holders. After the second successful post-war democratic election in 2007, the new government undertook to review all mining agreements in the country.

The Mining Review Process commenced in July 2008 and Koidu Limited’ mining lease for the Koidu Kimberlite Project was tackled first. A new mining lease agreement was entered into between the Republic of Sierra Leone and Koidu Limited on 6 September 2010. The term of the mining lease was extended to 22 July 2030 and may be renewed for a further period of 15 years.

The mining lease measures approximately 4.9 km2 and hosts two small  kimberlite pipes, No. 1 Pipe (“K1”) and No. 2 Pipe (“K2”), and four kimberlite dyke zones, along which four small blows or enlargements have been discovered.  A feature known as the Ring Structure is located to the west of K2 but has not yet been evaluated.

Key Facts


Sector: Diamond Mining, focussed on hard rock kimberlite operations
Country: Sierra Leone
Ownership: Privately owned by BSG Resources Limited (BSGR) through its subsidiary OCTÉA Limited
Date of incorporation: September 2003
Size of Company: Mid-tier junior.
Employees: September 2011 – 983 permanent employees, of which 91.4% are Sierra Leoneans. Additional 468 Sierra Leonean short-term contractors have been employed for implementation of the Expansion Project.
Projects/operations: Koidu Kimberlite Project Tonguma Project