President Koroma Goes Berserk In Banjul Pub

By A Special Correspondent In Banjul, The Gambia….

Coming events are already casting ugly, oblong shadows in President Koroma’s life. The low life that is to espouse his shrinking clout when he shall have vacated into retirement, manifested in Banjul, the Gambia, where he was said to be on an official visit purportedly to receive a small-time award.
Sources in the diplomatic circles suggest that the real purpose of that visit was actually in connection with the REINSTATEMENT of the people’s elected Vice President, Alhaji Abubakar Sidique Sam Sumana, which requirement the subregional leaders believe, the Chairman of the C-10 (Committe of Ten) will be reluctant, even resistant to adhering to.
This upsetting demand made of him, has so infuriated the once Movie-star-like smiling tinpot dictator that he could not resist the urge to turn to the bottle for temporal consolation.
An impeccable source close to World Best Own-goal-scorer says that his boss’ behavioral pattern has changed suddenly ever since the ECOWAS COURT verdict that wronged his sacking of the people’s elected Vice President.
At the 232 Complex in Banjul, the Gambia, the disgraced narcissistic tinpot downed about a dozen of Heineken bottles and swung into a tirade yelling and saying unintelligible things.
This is the first time he has done this shameful thing, which is enough grounds to have him impeached if the Mps are worth their salt. He has gone close to the perimeters of insanity and if allowed to continue serving as President he will do more harm, embarrass the country and further dent her public image.
What could have led to this unfortunate development at the public bar must have been the news broken to him by President Adama Barrow of the Gambia, whom he helped instate in power earlier this year, under the now discredited ECOWAS banner…
Barrow probably reminded him that ECOWAS does have the power and jurisfiction to make a ruling on the Human Rights violation by any complainant in the subregion.
This must have been replaying on his mind as he sat there in the “232 pub” emptying bottle after bottle of booze.
It is also poszible that the Zimbabwe drama that saw the forceful removal from power of an entrenched dictator, further dampened his spirit as reality struck home that he could be next.
Could this supreme authority which he had high-handedly apllied against the people’s elected V.P. amount to nothing after all? Is his ungratefulness to the man who contributed financially, morally and strategically to his elections victory in the two out of three times he contested be the curse that is tearing his world apart?
Why is this happening now that Sam Sumana has started articulating fearlessly what transpired between them behind close doors that resulted to his sacking… and look at how fast his popularity is rising day by day as the Presidential election draws closer…
After that careful planning to land himself a Third Term, so far, by the look of things, that Third Term never would be. His drunken ramblings meanwhile, continued raising quizzical glances that frightened the embarrassed Presidential security detail that they quickly cautioned him to “behave” but to no avail as he continued ranting unintelligibles. They whisked him off as Sierra Leoneans who were present rained cusses at him. Together they chorused, ” Tolongbo pa big fool!” as the ride took off at high speed.
According to an insider, November has been a very stressful month for the tinpot dictator because of the series of bad news; the checkered silence of the disappointed appointed Vice President Victor Foh; the many allegations of sexual harrashment on Samura Kamara, who does not campaign at all; the people’s elected V.P. Sam-Suman’s visit to the United States, and the prestigious award he received; and the final straw that broke the camel’s back is the ECOWAS court verdict.
Oh la la! Sierra Leoneans must brace up for more embarrassing news on World Best’s own-goal-scorer. The man is slowly going insane.

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