President Koroma’s Saudi Arabia Tour Needs Investigations.

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo….

Reading through Alhaji M.S. Kargbo’s reason on why President Koroma is currently on an international tour in Saudi Arabia expose a lot in the convenient hypocrisy of this government. To be honest, from any rationally minded Sierra Leonean, there’s more to the weak reasons advanced and we want to know what’s going on inside as we are the tax payers. According to his press attaché:

“President Koroma is in Saudi Arabia to thank the Saudi people for their support to the people of Sierra Leone during the deadly Ebola virus outbreak”. “He’s also there to register thanks to the Saudi Arabia government for lifting their initial ban against Sierra Leoneans that has what it takes to witness the Hajj pilgrim festival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

Does it make sense for President Koroma to make an official trip to Saudi Arabia and register thanks and appreciations on behalf of Sierra Leoneans for any assistant made by the Kingdom whilst President Koroma’s government has so far deliberately ignored to prosecute people indicted in the Auditor General report that embezzled or misappropriated the Ebola funds? This is completely deceitful to say the least. As Sierra Leoneans, we would want to know what contribution the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia directly made to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak and how such a contribution was used to directly addressed the victims before our President register thanks on our behalf.

Why would any President whose administration declared Austerity Measures or as they put it “Economic Rationalisation measures” and is currently scraping to meet it financial commitments would use tax payers money to just register thanks and appreciation to the Saudi Arabia government for lifting a ban on Sierra Leone Hajj pilgrim festival participants who are directly adding value to the economy of Saudi Arabia at anytime they are Theresa tourists to perform the Hajj pilgrimage?

Are the Arab Gulf States our new area of sourcing international funds now that many Western Governments are well convince with facts and data that President Koroma’s Government is fantastically corrupt?

Common sense need to broke out on this whole issue taking in to keen consideration the Alliance Saudi Arabia Government formed to fight Isis (…/saudi-arabia-assembles-coali…)
which Sierra Leone is a signatory to, but was never brought to the knowledge of Sierra Leoneans up to this time by our government. It’s also important for nationals to understand that President Koroma’s Government has made so many secrete financial deals with the IMF, World Bank etc which currently piles Sierra Leone international debt to the sum of $2.40 billion and the majority have nothing positive to show for all this huge debt. We hereby urge the Parliament of Sierra Leone to summon the Executive Arm of Government demanding clarifications on this sensitive issue.

It’s very important for nationals to recall that President Koroma was once the favourite of Western Leaders in Africa and he made scores of international tours around the globe on this grounds; yet the majority of Sierra Leoneans failed to concretely benefit from these tours and we have nothing tangible economically as a nations to boast of from these tours except his selected few team. Today with all our Agenda for Attitudinal and Behavioural Change which only succeed in tolerating massive corruption within the governance structures of President Koroma and continue propagating baseless Agenda for Prosperity claims with no respect for checks and balances even when financial irregularities are unearthed by the ever outstanding Auditor General.

That’s why Sierra Leone is currently poorer than the days of former President Ahmad Tejan Kabba. This is happening irrespective of the fact that the latter fought war throughout his days as President of the Republic of Sierra leone and had hindered access to the resources of Sierra Leone which prevented him to roll out many developmental plans. However, President Koroma has an uninterrupted nine years in office with an unhindered access to the mineral resources of Sierra Leone coupled with so many grants and other international assistant yet the country is in a total deplorable state in all fronts of development (poor health, poor education and hunger, high rate of unemployment). Causing millions of Sierra Leoneans to keep on visiting their graveyards in an untimely manner.

This is in contrast to other African leaders when they were favourites of Western Leaders, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, was able to turn the economic taps of Zimbabwe on when he was the blue eyed boy of Western Leaders and the same can be said of Paul Kagame of Rwanda. The list goes on.