Press Release: Kono Union USA On The 709 Carat Diamaond Saga.

KONO DIAMOND-709 Carats……..

His Excellency President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma:

Reference to the 709 carats diamond found in April 2017 by Pastor Emmanuel Momoh in Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono district, we the members of Kono Union United States of America (KUUSA Inc.) take this opportunity to request that the total tax portion of the sale of this diamond that is payable  to Kono District be made public so that we the citizens of Kono be aware of the revenue that Kono will receive from this sale; in order to discuss and tailor development projects according to the overall revenue received.

Since SLST to present, we are aware that many high valued diamonds both Kimberlite and alluvial have been extracted from Kono every year. Yet we the citizens of Kono are not aware of any tax proceeds from the sale of these valuable gems are being paid to our district towards domestic development of our land. The Star of Sierra Leone, a 986.9 carat diamond was found in Kono in 1972 but Kono never received any sales tax from its sale. That sale was preceded by two other Big Gems half the weight of the star of Sierra Leone, again, Kono was not compensated after their sale…….