Press Release On Hazardous Waste From Lebanon.

By Olamgba Koroma….

Following the recent exposure of the APC regime of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his thugs of corrupt ministers and advisers by a Lebabese newspaper , a press release has just been quickly released denouncing the hazardous waste skandal.

The entire Press Release is a farce. Mr Alusine Sesay, an It Manager and Journalist discovered some “holes” in the said official statement; “Taking a closer look at the 2nd paragraph of the Government’s Press Release dated Saturday 9th January,2016, it stated that “Since this matter is currently the subject of an active debate, it is
incumbent on Government to clear the air by issuing this disclaimer. Government wants to make it abundantly clear that it has not agreed to accept  waste from Lebanon and has not authorised any official of state to convey
approval to that effect. Government is fully aware of the danger posed by hazardous and non-harzadous [sic] waste and gives the full assurance that it will never expose the public  to such long-term risks to Health and The Environment.”.

“It is really true that this Press Release failed to COMPLETELY invalidate, debunk, or challenge the ENTIRE story.The focus of this Press Release was more on the purported contractual signatory BETWEEN Lebanon and Sierra Leone, when infact the said contract discussions with Sierra Leone was between a DUTCH COMPANY (Holland’s Howa BV firm) contracted by Lebanon and NOT with Lebanon as a country.- You see the catch?”, Alusine Sesay outlined the logic behind such a dubious deal.

There is a great problem with the statement of the APC government, when the  press release stated that:- “IT (the government) HAS NOT AGREED to accept waste from Lebanon.” “You mean It [The Government] has not agreed to accept waste NOW and It will NEVER accept waste from Lebanon or any other country and its AGENTS or CONTRACTORS?, asked Mr Sesay.

Pormasu Tamkorfai reinterated; “They thought everything will not be known to the outside world. This is yet a tough and complicated assignment for the ONS and the Sierra Leone Police Force, when these greedy and corrupt politicians of the day are messing up with the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans”.

Well there is more to this story. Any waste, whether toxic or otherwise, going into a country like Sierra Leone is like asking for a monumentally environmental disaster never seen before like in the days of the Bhopal disaster in India. Toxic gases killed thousands of people. Those in charge must rethink such an undertaking. No amount of money is worth the damage to our beautiful natural resources and environment. I hope all concerned will  reconsider such a move. Dangerous waste is no small matter. We can’t even process our own domestic waste. We don’t have the infrastructure or the capacity to handle such huge volumes. Tons and tons of, God knows what ,hazardous wastewill be involved. These countries/businesses have been known to have been engaged in processing Sarin gases, methane and more dangerous chemicals known to man. If we haven’t learnt anything ,please please the Ivorians”; Madam Alimatu Dimonekene explained.

Mr Edward Ahmed Bashiru Sesay saw such a dangerous deal as “a serious problem facing our country. This foolish deal was signed by the advisor to the president”. ” Why is it that anyone in government can just sign a deal even when it’s outside of their remit without the input of the relevant authority?”; he asked.

Next time, it will be the Chinese sending their dead to be buried in Sierra Leone”, Mr Chernor Mansaray added.

There is no doubt that those involved in such a shady deal will never be brought to justice and that President Ernest Bai Koroma will surely recycle them in other departments, in a bid to bury the entire skandal.