Reasons Why Diana Konomanyi Hates Mayor Saa Lamina.

 Finda D Koroma…..
The allegation of corruption is nothing but an attack on the integrity and good reputation of the no-nonsense and deeply religious Mayor Lamina in Kono in particular, and the country in general.

Here are the reasons why the devil of Kono, Diana Finda Konomanyi hates Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina –

1. It is well understood that there has been a long running political campaign to unseat the mayor, who is not a supporter of president Koroma’s ambition to be coronated by the country’s parliament to seek a third term in office in 2018. Diana and Karamoh Kabba brought a huge sum of money last December to Kono to bribe the chiefs and elected officials to support President Koroma’s 3rd term bid. All our Kono chiefs and all our MPs (both APC and SLPP), and other top officials including the District council Chairman took the money. Mayor Lamina was the only politician in Kono to refuse the money. The young mayor swear in Diana’s face that he will never betrayed the people of Kono and Sierra Leone in general. Diana was very angry and she told me that the mayor will pay high price for not supporting President Koroma’s 3rd term bid.

2. Diana Konomanyi and President Koroma are strong supporters of OCTEA Diamond Mining Company. And all three of them are on OCTEA payroll. Chief Saquee is a board member, Diana and President Koroma have secret shares in the company that has refused to pay taxes to the people of Kono. Since OCTEA came to Kono, they have not paid a single cent to the district or the city. Instead they are giving huge amount of money to the paramount chiefs, the president, Diana and other top APC officials.
Recently, Mayor Lamina took OCTEA Diamond Mining Company to court seeking back taxes. President Koroma, Chief Saquee and Diana were very angry with the Mayor’s decision to sue OCTEA, but the people of Kono were overwhelmingly in support of the young Mayor’s action. Diana and President Koroma have asked the illegally appointed acting mayor to withdraw the lawsuit.

3. When Saa Lamina was the Chief Administrator at the Kono District Council and Diana was the Chairperson of the Kono District Council, some financial irregularities was discovered. Over a billion leones was missing in the council account. The auditors report held Diana responsible for the missing fund. Saa Lamina the then Chief Administrator of the District Council resign in protest because Diana refused to return back the money. Diana promised to return back the stolen money but it has been 5 years since she made that promise, and she has not return the money.

4. After Saa Lamina resigned from his Chief Administrator job at the District Council because of Diana corrupt practices, the young man became a hero to the people of Kono for standing up against the corruption ridden Diana. Mr. Lamina action was the first of it kind in kono, perhaps in Sierra Leone in general.
The people of Kono rewarded the trustworthy Saa Lamina was rewarded for his moral and high-principled act by electing him the youngest Mayor of Koidu City. In the APC primary, Mayor Lamina trounced former town council clerk, former RUF deputy leader and father of Diana, uncle F.D. Konomanyi. The young Saa Lamina won 90% of the vote and F.D. Konomanyi won just 10%. It was a humiliating defeat. And Diana and his brothers swear that they will never forgive Saa Lamina and the people of Koidu for humiliating their father F.D. Konomanyi. Diana openly declared that the people of Koidu and Kono in general will pay a very high price for unleashing such defeat on her father.

5. When vice president Sam Sumana was unconstitutionally sacked by president Koroma, the mayor told local media that the crisis was the “darkest period in the history of Kono and Sierra Leone.” And in response to the sacking of vice president Sam Sumana, the mayor mobilised local councillors of the district and civil society leaders to issue a press statement condemning the action.

6. The outspoken Mayor Lamina’s brush with the APC Makeni Cabal for which Diana is working is nothing new. In an interview few months ago, the outspoken Mayor accused the APC Makeni Cabal of practicing tribalism against the people of Kono. He said that the people of Kono are faced with a serious problem, whereby the larger and dominant tribes in control of power in the country, are manipulating the minority Kono people to suit their own political interests. Most people in Kono agreed with the mayor’s statement, since the APC is developing its northern strongholds while playing divisive politics in Kono. This remark did not go down too well with the president and his executives of the ruling APC party. Now it seems, the young mayor is paying a heavy price.

Conclusion: Residents of Koidu said this about the suspension of Mayor Lamina:
“The signs are clear that Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina, the Peoples’ Leader, will defeat Octea Mining Limited in court, and so Diana Konomanyi and Chief Paul Saquee have vouched that this ‘Hero’ will never be in charge.
The same vendetta, persecution, hate, political bulldozing, and political witch-hunt is still alive and well. It brought down VP Sam Sumana, now it is extended to the popular Koidu City Mayor-Saa Emerson Lamina.

Please click on the attached article concerning Diana’s corrupt practices during her time as District Council Chairperson