Sam-Sumana Files Dismissal Case At ECOWAS Court.

By Maada Musa…….

According to reliable source closed to the erstwhile elected Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana, as indicated in the NewsWatch  Newspapaer, the former Vice President has filed in a fresh case at the ECOWAS court, in respect of his controversial sacking by the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

It could be recalled that sometimes in March 2015, the ruling All Peoples Congress party expelled Alhaji Chief Sam-Sumana from the party and government for various anti party activities which were neither properly investigated nor proven to be true.

After his membership withdrawal from the ruling APC party, the President ,Dr Ernest Bai Koroma unconstitutionally relieved him of his duty as Vice President  of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The President used his so-called “Supreme Executive Authority” accusing Sam-Sumana of abandoning his duty and taking refuge in US Embassy in Freetown, Sierra Leone, when some politically armed thugs of the ruling APC party wanted to brutally arrest or assasinate the VP.

Meanwhile, as the matter was taken to the Supreme Court for  legal interpretation, the five appointed Supreme Court judges headed by Former Acting Chief Justice, Hon. Thomas on Wednesday 9th September 2015 ruled in the President’s favour and stated that the President has the legally executive right to sack his Vice President.

The court unconstitutionally insisted that the President, who is the CEO of the executive arm of government with Supreme Executive Authority having no specific definition in the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, acted in the right direction.
The same hand-picked judges also maintained that the elected Vice President was part of the executive arm of government does making him a subject to the President who has the right to hire or fire him at any given time.

Justice Thomas then ruled that Sam-Sumana was no longer eligible to serve as the legally elected Vice President of Sierra Leone, following  his dismissal from the APC: He further reinterated that one’s membership of a political party was a continuous requirement of holding any political position as a Vice President.

The judges politically misruled in their conclusion that the embattled VP was not elected in the then 2012 General elections, irrespective of his lawyers’ legal argument calling for the dismissal of the case against the VP

After the ruling against him, Samuel Sam-Sumana got upset and publicly denounce the decision of  the  Judiciary in  Sierra Leone as a total disgrace and unconstitutional rule in Sierra Leone’s new democracy. He then fled  with his family to Ghana where he was accorded a political refuge.