Samuel Eto’o Evacuates Thousands Of Enslaved Africans From Libya.

By Pormasu Tamkorfai (Photos supplied by Samuel Eto’o)…..

The Cameroonian football icon, Samuel Eto’o has embarked on his repatriation project to evacuate many, if possible all,enslaved and maltreated black African migrants out of Libya, as many African leaders are having lackadaisical and irresponsible attitudes in taking actions against the current enslavement, killings and imprisonment of African migrants in Libya.

When he saw the brutal videos of the storturing, murdering and enslavement of black people in Libya, he flew down to Tripoli in Libya, chartered a big plane to fly out all his Cameroonian people who were vulnerable to slavery in Libya. He has also decided to use his resources to help evacuate other African migrants being held as slaves in Libya.

On such a humanitarian and Panafrican gesture, one Ngene Christian got impressed with such a golden assistance. “The report about Samuel Eto’o Fils’ giant stride to get his fellow countrymen out of the newly established hell fire (LIBYA) has been spreading like a wild fire. He single–handedly paid for their air tickets to repatriate all of them back to Cameroon, giving out not less than 3000 USD to each of them to get a life, my question is, where is the corporate institutions in Africa that calls themselves government, where are the selfish & greedy criminals that calls themselves leaders, where are our religious leaders, is the news about the hell foreigners are going through yet to get to there knowledge?, modern day slavery, torture, inhuman & all forms of degrading treatments cannot be happening in this 21st century, human beings are not Animals, even animals get better treatments, how ado mankind that should be cherished ?!”; Ngene Christian commented.

In response to certain rumours and criticisms on the social media that Samuel Eto’o should have given the migrants enough money to resettle back home, the football legend himself reacted; “several sites have circulated a rumor that I would have given money to every migrant returnee, in relation to a topical issue. This rumor is absolutely unfounded.I would therefore take advantage of this opportunity, dear brothers and sisters, to emphasize that love prevents more evils than money can solve.”

“So let’s not waste our precious time looking for thrills at the expense of grieving people, but let us use this time to prevent other brothers and sisters from being deprived of their dignity. Let us not just react when we can prevent, because among these victims are certainly people who have been our neighbours at some point, but to whom we have not ignored to look kindly.”Let us build our Africa by having a positive impact on each other”, he concluded.

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