Samuel Fly Gandi Jailed By First Lady’s Sister.

By Finda Mafinda….

Samuel Fly Gandi, a social media blogger and a great opponent of the former VP Samuel Sam-Sumana, has been arrested and detained at the CID Headquaters, as ordered by Lady Finda Koroma, the sister of Sierra Leone’s First Lady , Sia Nyama Koroma, and Co-Founder of a charitable organization, Play House Foundation,.

Lady Koroma alledged that Mr Samuel Ngandi, a social Media blogger has been arrested at last and detailed at the CID’s Headquarters in Freetown for an alleged “defamation of her characters on social media” during the last year’s Bye-Elections at various constituencies in Eastern Sierra Leone.

She further alleged that, Mr. Samuel Ngandi, aka FLY, has been  maliciously tarnishing her family’s name on FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP over the past years, since she returned to Sierra Leone with her NGO to contribute in president Ernest Koroma’s “Agenda For Progress”.

As a professionally trained lawyer, she is confident that the Judiciary of Sierra Leone would dispense justice in her matter. “I have no doubt in the judicial system of this country and that I have the firm trust that it will adjudicate justly this matter devoid of my position, and contacts” she emphasised.

Reliable sources in Kono indicated that Ladies Finda Koroma and Finda Diana Konomanyi, the Local Government Minister, have been great rivals and were having series of problems with each other. Mr Samuel Fly Gandi, who belongs to the Diana Konomanyi Group of Supporters, has been using his position attacking Finda Koroma in a bid to satisfy his “BOSS.

This has not been Fly’s first time facing detention at the CID Headquaters and the Pademba Road Prisons. His first encounter was with the then VP Alhadji Samuel Sam-Sumana who took him to court for having defamed his characters on the social media. The then VP withdrew his case, after the intervention of Lady Finda Diana Konomanyi and other Kono VIPs.

Sometime in December 2015, Lady Finda Koroma released a press release on Makoni Times threatening  and warning Mr Samuel Fly Gandi.

See the copy below:_


From:The Management of the Playhouse Foundation

Date: 13th December, 2015.

The Playhouse Foundation that is led by Madam Finda Koroma is shocked by the defamatory information that is circulating in the social media.  It would therefore like to set the record straight so that the truth is established.

1. The Playhouse Foundation stands by its position that no solar electrification or specific project activities that require a distribution of items will be undertaken in any area where there is a bye-election because this violates its funding agreement with its donor partners that prohibit the politicization of project activities.  This same approach was followed during elections in Koindu, Kailahun District and in Bombali District recently.  Therefore Kono District is no exception.

2. Madam Finda Koroma has not visited Peya, Nimiyama Chiefdom in over a year and half.  At no point did she visit Peya recently, distribute funds or campaign against any candidate or in favour of any candidate in the upcoming bye-election in Kono District.  No solar electrification has been installed at any facility in Peya by the Playhouse Foundation.

3. Following the recent defamatory attacks against Madam Finda Koroma on WhatsApp, particularly by Mr. Samuel Fly Gandi, a decision has been taken by the board of the Playhouse Foundation to withdraw Nimiyama Chiefdom from one of its project areas with immediate effect, thereby suspending all proposed activities in the chiefdom.

4. Madam Finda Koroma has not supported any independent candidate or SLPP candidate in the upcoming bye-election.  She has always stated that she will not be embroiled in Kono politics and prefers to focus on developmental activities.

5. The board and management of the Playhouse Foundation, as well as Madam Finda Koroma, wish to confirm their continued support to the people and chiefdom authorities of Kono District and will maintain all other operational areas in the chiefdoms that have been selected in the 5-year strategy document.  They affirm their determination to stand by the people of Kono District at all times.

6. Mr. Samuel Fly Gandi will soon face the full force of the law under a criminal libel lawsuit for defamation during which he will be required to prove his malicious allegations beyond reasonable doubt.

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