Samuel Saquee Joins The Political Train In Sierra Leone.

By Pormasu Tamkorfai….

Mr Samuel  Saquee, aka Kabila, has finally entered into Sierra Leonean politics and is determined to contest and win the parliamentary seat of Constituency 021 in Konoland.

In his declaration on the social media, Mr Samuel  Saquee proudly outlined; “After very careful and serious consideration of numerous requests from constituents of Constituency 021 in the Kono District, and in furtherance of actualizing my personal determination to contribute to the political, social, economic and moral advancement of the aforementioned constituents in particular and the Kono people and Sierra Leoneans in general, I have resolved to put my humble self forward as an aspirant to run for the parliamentary seat representing Constituency 021 in Kono District in the next Parliamentary elections under the Sierra Leone Peoples Party(S.L.P.P.).”

He is ”humbly requesting all members of Constituency 021 to give him the mandate to represent them in Parliament, come the next elections”.

There is no doubt that Mr Samuel Saquee is the favourable candidate in Constituency 021.

Two years ago, Mr Samuel Saquee abandoned his lucrative job in the USA, gave everything up and returned to Sierra Leone with various developmental projects. He has played a very pivotal role in the eradication of the recent Ebola Disease in Kono District. He is one of the unsung heroes whose interest is centred around the socio-economic emancipation of the people of Sierra Leone.

The Voice Of Binkongoh wishes him success, wisdom and good luck in his political career.