Samura Kamara Is Unfit To Lead.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…..

The ruling political party in the West African state of Sierra Leone has come full circle, by using patently undemocratic methods to produce a presidential candidate.
Known as the “All People’s Congress” {APC}, the reigning party has hastened its own reversion to dictatorship through a lawless president, whose tenure has been marked by gross misconducts and bold assaults on the country’s constitution.

On October 16 , 2017, Sierra Leoneans were stunned to hear that President Ernest Koroma has presented and advertised the country’s foreign minister, Samura Kamara, as the APC’s presidential candidate for next year’s election. Samura Kamara’s newfound status was unexpected because the APC’s household was brimming with aspirants, who included lifelong, party stalwarts.
In contrast to his competitors, Samura Kamara did NOT publicly announce his presidential ambition. Reticence, rather than assertiveness, has always been Samura Kamara’s style in the world of Sierra Leonean politics, where patriotism is hated while opportunism and national betrayal are rewarded.

Samura Kamara’s selection by President Koroma was so dictatorial that the process readily became redolent of Siaka Stevens’ presidency, an era in Sierra Leonean history known for its birth of dictatorship and the destruction of all the national institutions needed for viable statehood.

The incumbent president of a ruling party in a democratic society is usually restricted by constitutional precepts, both within his political party and in national politics. Simply put, the head of government in any democratic society should be guided by the rule of law. In the unprincipled world of Sierra Leonean politics, Ernest Koroma can abuse power, with impunity.
Shortly before Samura Kamara’s “ordainment,” President Koroma haughtily gave himself more titles and a variant of powers reserved only for despots and military dictators. Well-known for disrespecting the country’s constitution, Ernest Koroma announced that he had become “National Chairman” and “Leader-for-Life,” of the ruling APC.

Arrogated without legitimacy, such titles can only be claimed by a dictator sitting atop a military junta. Emboldened by those titles and their putative prestige, Ernest Koroma executed the plot to promote Samura Kamara.
In theory, Ernest Koroma is head of a democratic state. In practice, the president is a dictator and crude man, who finds it difficult to respect the rule of law. By imposing Samura Kamara on both his political party and on Sierra Leoneans, President Koroma has re-enacted the 1985 charade in which autocratic Siaka Stevens, ordered the imposition of Joseph Saidu Momoh on a politically abused nation. Like Siaka Stevens the one-party dictator, like Ernest Koroma, the saboteur of a young democracy.

Through a singular streak of unethicality, Ernest Koroma has turned the 2018 presidential contest into a travesty of democracy in which Samura Kamara will unfairly compete against an opposition undermined by a partisan police force, politicized judiciary and a lawless president with unlimited access to the country’s treasury.
Samura Kamara Is Not Fit To Lead Sierra Leone.
In a normal society where competence, patriotism and national service are seen as virtues, Samura Kamara would never be considered for the presidency. The man is a brilliant opportunist known for grovelling to multiple administrations, starting from his employment with the military junta which seized power in 1992, to the positions he has held in Ernest Koroma’s unaccountable government. Being a brilliant opportunist is, however, different from competence and patriotism.

Samura Kamara has revelled in privileged positions and offices in Sierra Leone, without necessarily serving the people. Samura has acted as Financial Secretary, Governor of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone, and Foreign Minister of the Republic.
In every office he held, Samura Kamara’s performance was either below average, or damnably poor. Samura Kamara was the minister of finance during the 2012 presidential election, when Ernest Koroma was given unrestricted access to the treasury, criminally enabling the president to loot the country’s financial resources for the purpose of lavishly funding his presidential campaign.

Samura Kamara’s failures as foreign minister are similarly staggering. Apparently lacking assuredness, Samura Kamara speaks with the demeanor of a man without self-confidence, a dangerous mannerism on the international stage. One of Samura Kamara’s most outrageous failures as foreign minister, points to the enslaved and forgotten Sierra Leonean girls in Kuwait.

Like the heartless Ernest Koroma who employed him, Samura Kamara has never publicly acknowledged the existence of our enslaved girls in Kuwait. While Samura should not be held responsible for the trafficking of naive girls to Kuwait, his position as foreign minister obliges him to diplomatically engage the Kuwaiti government and issue directives from Freetown, ordering our embassy in Kuwait to coordinate the repatriation of the enslaved girls.
As foreign minister, Samura Kamara is our official spokesman and actor, on the international stage. Samura is either unwilling to be patriotic, or too ignorant to realize that a foreign minister is duty-bound to use all the levers at his disposal, in defense of his country’s interests.

A country’s national interests customarily include showing solidarity with endangered citizens in foreign lands. For a foreign minister to initiate such an international exercise, he or she has to be patriotic, competent and schooled enough to be conscious of the way the international system works. Our foreign minister, Samura Kamara, lacks the sense of patriotism and intellect to be empathetic with our enslaved female citizens in Kuwait.
Samura Kamara’s shortcomings as foreign minister, which are hedged by previous failures as finance minister, point to a dangerously ignorant and incompetent man. An internally democratic APC could not have produced Samura Kamara as standard-bearer.

Ignorant Samura Kamara was politically produced by Ernest Koroma, a president whose leadership is characterized by lawlessness, extreme poverty and state-sponsored attacks on democracy through the brutality of a partisan police force.
A vote for Ernest Koroma’s dictatorially-produced candidate, Samura Kamara, would amount to signing democracy’s death warrant in Sierra Leone. A looter in power and producer of difficult austerity measures, Ernest Koroma has found his heir apparent, in Samura Kamara.
In return for imposing him on Sierra Leone and the APC, Samura Kamara is expected to protect Ernest Koroma and his loot, post-presidency.

It is the patriotic duty of every politically conscious Sierra Leonean to either oppose or vote against Samura Kamara, a candidate who represents Ernest Koroma’s contempt for our young democracy.