SCCAN Donates To Kono.

By Berns Komba Lebbie…

During a colourful ceremony held to reflect on the success gained by the Ebola fighters in Kono District, especially the Kono District Ebola Task-Force, Mayor Saa E Lamina, in his keynote address, stressed on a tough campaign against complacency. He said though Kono has completed a 42 day clean sheet, yet it does not call for any celebration as the country is still recording cases in other districts…… “This means Kono should still remain steadfast and should create no room for complacency”; he stated.
Mayor Lamina further reiterated that since the whole country suffered out of a single case which started in Kailahun, any other single case in any part of the country is worrisome since it has the potential of retarding the Country back to those woeful conditions she went through within the months of June to December, 2014.
The ceremony was supported by SCCAN, a non-governmental organization working assiduously against sickle cell in Sierra Leone. The programme representative (SCCAN), Mr. Gborie presented a grocery of cartons containing clothing, medical items and Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) to the Kono District Health Management Team through the City Mayor. Other gesture in the form of rice and food items is also set in stock for sickle cell survivors, carriers and other vulnerable. He made a short statement on behalf of the organization’s founder; Madam Sia Evlyn Nyandemo, that the Ebola virus affected Sierra Leone in diverse ways, some of which were hardly noticed. He said when a stop was put to blood test and blood transfusion, a lot of unidentified sickle cell carriers lost their lives due to their risky and delicate health conditions. Mr. Francis Gborie promised to continue to work together with all other fighters to ensure that Sierra Leone as a country meets her Ebola-free set criteria.Berns Komba Lebbie's photo.

Other speakers in the ceremony were the Civil Society Network, Religious and traditional Leaders, Traders Union, Women’s folk and an Ebola survivors’ representative. The programme was chaired by Rev. Sahr Christian Fayia, the head of Human Rights and head of many other programmes in Kono.