Shameless Behaviour Of Salone’s APC Ministers.

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By Abdulai Brima..

Thank God, the APC Ministers themselves are now admitting it, OPENLY!

This APC government is a shameless caboodle cult of hopeless robbers and heinous rapists! They are a bungling bunch of common criminals who deserve no respect from anyone!

If you think I am simply making this up, just listen to the Deputy Minister of “Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs”!

What I don’t really understand is how any president could have such a very low regard for our women and children to the extent that he puts such a creepy bunch of hopeless rogues in charge of the “better half” of our entire population!

Now we hear the testimony loud and clear from no less a figure than the Deputy Minister that his colleague, the Minister of “social welfare, Gender, and Children’s Affairs” is nothing but:  “a rapist and a cocaine addict” who has been “stealing millions” from public coffers, and “raping women at will”!

Yesterday, when their fellow Muslims, the world over, were inside the mosques for the weekly Friday prayers, submitting themselves to Allah, and praying for forgiveness from our maker, these two thuggish APC ministers (Mustapha Bai Atila and ALHAJI Moijueh Kaikai) were tearing into each other and raining “insults” on the mothers that brought them to this earth!

This happened following the earlier trashing of properties in the Gender ministry by thugs imported into the building by the two “darlings” of EBK!

“You can’t expect control and discipline from the decks of a sinking ship full of drunken sailors” bemoaned an exasperated APC grandee! “The final crash of our beloved APC party is only a matter of WHEN”, he lamented!

And yes, these are the two men who have been given the responsibility of the welfare of “women and children” of our nation.

And it is being revealed that what these two thugs are doing to the WOMEN ministry is like a walk in the park, when compared to the chaos and the robbery that is happening in most of the other ministerial jungles!

In most of the miniseries, it is like a war zone…..acrid money deals, concubine conflicts, vandalistic wretchedness, and ritualistic voodoo pastimes!

What a monstrously dysfunctional “government” we have been cursed with here! What a terrible insult to our dear motherland! What a shame to the entire nation!

God gracious help us!!!