Sierra Leone: Democracy Turned Dictatorship.

By John B S Tucker….

The inherent principle of democracy entails as major core value the freedom of the people. Freedom is not limited to one person or a group of people, because freedom is a generic right to those who have their inalienable breathe given to them by the Almighty God, it does not belong only to the powers that be nor only the government in power. If democracy is a government by the people and for the people then inexcusably the freedom of everyone is a sacrosanct principle.

Against this background, i still cant comprehend the arrest and locking up of an opposition presidential candidate who must under the law be given certain rights and immunity as pronounced by LUC Karro Kamara. the same police boss used to arrest a man fighting for democracy and the freedom of the people.

What did the presidential candidate of Alliance Democratic Party do? Here are the three count charges: !. Unlawful possession of small arms, count 2. unlawful possession of small arm without lawful authority, and final count 3 is, carrying offensive weapon. These are the charges that an opposition leader has been put incommunicado for four days. In my opinion, this is a shame to the APC government and an act of cowardice. It is also denying someone his freedom of movement.

Why is Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray incarcerated? Because the APC is afraid of him, period. When Kamarainba’s personality was attacked and abused in Port Loko and Makeni towns in the northern district of Sierra Leone, what did the police do the perpetrators? Nothing. Presently our police are been used to threaten the opposition and stifle democracy by flimsy rules and man made laws that they too flout everyday.

It is my view that the APC is about to ignite civil unrest and bring insecurity to that country, Sierra Leone, In that vein, i am asking human right organizations to pay close attention to the events happening now in that country and also urge the international community to intervene in the situation to save our country from ruthless and dictatorship regime. The country at this stage is losing its democratic credentials, i am afraid things might get worse by the time the country approaches its next presidential and parliamentary elections.

I am with the opinion that other opposition parties should rise to the occasion to see Mohamed K Mansaray freed.