Sierra Leone: Gov’t Shelters Pen-Robbery, Sycophancy & Bootlicking

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo…..

There are corresponding types of government, but on complete investigation of them it is obvious that democracy is the only one which needs propitious leaders and followers.

When important leaders are borne by good followers, what follows is a genuine act of holding up to the leader to fulfil his role better. However this is reasonable when the followers have the special privilege granted by the government to agree or disagree with such leaders where it is sure to happen. Therefore President Koroma and our current Parliamentarians as our elected officials, we genuinely hold them highly responsible for the current increase in corruption which results to the deplorable standard of living of the majority.

The hypothesis which says leaders are self-made is assumed. Truthfully, leaders, good leaders, are yield of good followership by those who lend brace and put the needs of the nation before their own personal interests to them. Those who drive lure citation or censor from their motives, and this is lacked, as same. When disapproval or eulogy is helpful, the characters of a leader are build up and strengthen. It is not extra to criticise or praise a leader whose performance is proper for praise or criticism.

To quote Lord Bryce, they are: “Visionaries who instincts for their nation’s future have a course to steer, a part to seek a nation to lead and people to mould”.

Sierra Leone since independence to date, it is full of loops and tangles that are hard to unravel to be on the side of truth and stick out one’s neck for the majority in authority.

And this is something that is more unfavourable these days where such assay would court quarrel. Many Sierra Leone leaders are regularly changeable, self centred and scarcely stand for the truth or at least for principles. Due to the immoral stand of the leaders, majority of them find themselves deeply messed up when the chips are down.

Over the years, Sierra Leone continue to see leaders that assemble for action undemocratic energies and boldness to condemn to punishment or fate people condemning their undemocratic policies against the majority. Similar leaders are dangerous when new leaders are emergent and so will lock or run them down.
These were the sowers of the sycophantic seeds that continue to spread abject poverty relentlessly in Sierra Leone by perfecting the wrongs of the selected few over rights. Such leaders will hoot at flowing seers and selfless heads.

In Sierra Leone today, leadership is fast flattering to a thing pertaining to an inheritance.
A person in social position of trust will rarely cede leadership position to someone outside his family, his surrounded friends or those in his poltical small extensive group, who share common rogue concerns with him.
The selected few who are profiting from this indecent system and feed fat on it would always fight relentlessly to strongly sustain it despite the fact it’s largely considered oppressive and against our legal books.

Some of us that spoke highly of President Koroma in the days when his government was prosecuting people that tampered with tax payers money or when his government economy boomed to the fastest growing economy in the world or when his government was constructing roads across the country, but are currently criticising his government for not actualising the Auditor General Report or for signing a Military pact with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without going through Parliament or failing to respect laid down rules for boundary delimitation we are no sycophants. In fact, by our citation we are giving great inspiration to our leader and President which you are acknowledging in silent in the name of “Protecting Your Jobs because the President is vindictive”.

Men like Amos, the Isreali writer, who extolled David Ben-Gurion for providing the needed leadership for the emergence of the modern Israeli state, was not a sycophant. General VO Nguyen, who with his inspiring articles in the newspapers applauded the Vietnamese leader, Ho Chi Mihn, was not a hired praise singer, but a soldier. Ghanshyam Das Birla, who abetted Mohandas Gandhi in his struggles for India’s independence and the early stages of his leadership was not a sycophant. Several writers or followers, who have foreborne no lengthy eulogy in describing good leaders are no flatterers.

Leadership is not an easy task. In a time of crisis when some reject to be recognised, genuine leaders come out and take stand that will lead to the abiding of morale values and beliefs. Take, for instance, the Parliament of Sierra Leone which is charged with the responsibility of protecting the public pause sitting idly by watching the Auditor General Report gathering dust in their cupboards or Julius Maada Bio continuous calls of taking Sierra Leone back to another war if coming elections are rigged, though President Koroma did say the same words in 2007, but they aren’t good words for any politician to follow. Therefore it take people of conscience and principle to take a stand by reminding the President that he used the fight against corruption as a spring board to get to State House and he must live up to his obligation. Such actions threw up some potential leaders who would manifest in dew course.

As a result, those leaders or supporters who because of hidden agendas or fright of their political masters remain quiet in the visage of challenges are cowards, unpatriotic and saboteurs. Good leaders, would make their positons known notwithstanding the timidity caused by threat from the powers that be. Winston Churchill describes these courageous leaders as those who “will take a decision to protect civilisations even though at great risk to themselves”.

A leader’s control usually extracts from the public’s creed in the need for his services and in his talent to rule; in the agreeableness of the individuals to hang their own assessment and agree to their leader because they trust him and the set of principle and ideas he represents.

Occasionally the connection between a leader and his followers may not be as calm as it used to be or experiences lessons of mistrust or tension, and there is a floating part on the surface not always effect from a simple issue of less of commonness by the leader but rather of trustworthiness when the people discover that their leader cheats and lies to them frequently, thus creating a dependability gap between what he says and what he does, between what is reported and what finally turns out to be the truth.

Like the shepherd boy in the tale who had his fun in misleading his community that wolves had come to take his sheep when in fact nothing of the kind happened, a government that too willing to make its right too logical to lie in a crisis will never lack for either lies or crises when it least expects them.

As leaders continue to emerge in this transitional elections, the best way to recognise them as good or bad leaders is their response during crisis. They can also be noticed in the way they respond to criticism. As Harry Truman would say: “Handling criticism if it’s untrue, disregard it; if it is unfair, keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it’s justified, learn from it”.
Good leadership is established on trust and principles and should be by example. For right example is catching and bring about imitation.
When a leader leads by right examples he will earn respect and loyalty. And even if he falls short on occasions, his good example will put him on an unconquerable position. No one can accuse him of pen robbery, sycophancy and bootlicking.