Sierra Leone Resumes Death Penalty.

By Pormasu Tamkorfai…..

Below are true pictures of Sierra Leone prison officers under the authority and presence of Sierra Leone’s Interior Minister Rtd. General Paolo Conteh installing, testing and reviewing medieval execution chambers that will be put into force for the execution of criminals.

The regime of President Ernest Bai Koroma has finally reintroduced the death penalty in Sierra Leone. Big criminals like corrupt politicians and civil servants will never have a taste of this pattern of retributive justice. The death penalty is being put in place to silence and deter criminal acts which, according to criminologists, is a very bad method of rehabilitative justice.

“This is too primitive and inhuman and it iss not a pleasant method of curbing crime”, a Swiss-Sierra Leonean criminologist said.

“Why were those corrupt politicians and civil servants who have been privately pocketing millions of US dollars and building mansions not brought to such execution chambers?”, Mr Korgba-Faiduwoh argued.

We hope and pray that well-mannered human rights activists and lawyers will take note on what is currently being reintroduced in Sierra Leone.

“Sierra Leone is only being run by these BIG CRIMINALS dressed in “PATRIOTIC SUITS who are claiming themselves as the gods and soldiers of justice”, Tamba Gbanassie concluded.


Pay Wahun's photo. Pay Wahun's photo.
Pay Wahun's photo. Pay Wahun's photo.