Sierra Leone Still Dancing With The Devil At 51.

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo….
If for over 50 years the IMF/World Bank medication to take our country out of poverty and sustain democracy so far failed to realize its goal; what is the essence of meeting the IMF/World Bank to help fix our economy?

Are our leaders really serious in signing secrete covenants with the same financial institutions that create ways and means to access our natural resources easily? Where is the leadership quality when a specific government or set of leaders can’t add value to the lives of its nationals but drastically reduce their lives and make them miserable? What has fifty-one years of Green and Red See-Saw got us as a nation-state?

Whatever economic terminologies he (Governor) exhibits in the midst of those white rogues in Washington, the IMF/World Bank formula for the developing countries will still remains the same.
To make matters worse, corrupt leaders in the developing world keep on making them highly successful in designing policies to effect their hidden genocide strategies against their very own people. Yet we keep on celebrating for leaders that can’t save their nation from neocolonial institutions meant to satisfy their masters (USA).

My head keep on beating and I think the only justifiable retaliation to this neocolonial institutions and corrupt leaders in the developing countries like ours is to return back to the white people as it’s now clear we can’t rule ourselves.
Sierra Leone has lost its colonial experience in qualities. We are now in a country with NO foundation hanging on a thin thread. Lack of patriotism is the true cause of our problems. Most of the people we have in our social positions of trust know they don’t have what it takes to take Sierra Leone forward in a number of tangible ways for the good of all.

All they are capable of doing is to embarrass the country and its people by unleashing terror in the lives of the people through corruption.