Sierra Leone: When Traitors And Racists Collaborate.

By Prof Sankara Kamara……

On the international stage, as in domestic politics, RACISM can be perpetrated in several ways.

The latest variant of interstate racism was seen in a sordid scandal between Sierra Leone–a BLACK republic–and Lebanon, an Arab state.

The scandal began when Lebanon, a state teeming with uncollected trash, used some of its agents to approach Sierra Leone and bribe that West African country into lending itself as a dumping ground for Lebanese sewage.

If you are not familiar with the geography of the Middle East, please be informed that Lebanon is physically close to Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Arab states with sprawling landscapes.

The Lebanese state did NOT choose any of its huge Arab neighbors as recipients of trash.

The Lebanese knew that asking an Arab brother to receive Beirut’s sewage, would have amounted to an intolerable insult.

Used to treating black people with the rawest contempt, the Lebanese chose Sierra Leone, a country they have always exploited and ABUSED, as a prospective receiver of the sewage in Beirut.

On the Sierra Leonean side of this racist plot, is I.B. Kargbo, a former cabinet minister and adviser to the president of that politically unfortunate country.

A traitor against his own motherland, I.B. Kargbo readily agreed to turn Sierra Leone into a Lebanese toilet.

Whereas the Lebanese operatives behind this scandal are racist, Sierra Leone’s I.B. Kargbo is, for his part, a BLACK man with low, self-esteem.

No self-respecting black man will stoop so low as to sell his own country to foreigners who want to literally turn it into a cesspool.

In a country ruled by nationalistic men, IB Kargbo and his accomplices would be arrested, tried, convicted of traitorous activities against the motherland, and sentenced to long, prison terms.

Although the hazardous deal did not congeal into reality, every CONSCIOUS Sierra Leonean knows that I.B. Kargbo is guilty of multiple crimes against the state.

The use of government-issued letterheads to conduct a dangerously illicit transaction in the name of the state, amounted to two felonies: abuse of office and fraudulent conversion.

In this particular case, the unauthorized transaction was designed to contaminate, endanger or sicken the PEOPLE, a felonious crime worthy of an equally harsh punishment.

Had I.B. Kargbo used his office to conspire with armed enemies of the state, the President of Sierra Leone would have sent the modern-day Judas, to the gallows.

Welcome to Sierra Leone, where the president sits atop a criminal enterprise that can endanger the people he swore to SERVE and PROTECT.

The most execrable parts of this scandal, are its racist and traitorous undertones.

The racist Lebanese tried to sicken a BLACK republic via sewage-dumping, while a BLACK traitor, IB Kargbo, acted as collaborator against his own PEOPLE.

This, indeed, is Sierra Leone, a politically molested country, where nationalism is criminalized, while betrayal is glorified.

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