Sierra Leoneans Protest Against EBK´s Unconstitutional Acts And Corruption.

By Pormasu Takorfai

Sierra Leoneans worldwide have been continously denouncing the unconstitutional behaviour of His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma and the misappropriation of billions of US Dollars of the Ebola Funds in Sierra Leone. The demonstrations kicked off in the USA, UK and to be beefed up in Europe (Brussels, Germany, Luxemburg etc) and at home in Sierra Leone.

President Koroma´s supporters and Armed Forces are ready and determined to use all forms of force  to stop the nationwide demonstrations set to denounce the above subjects. The Police and the Army have been ordered by the President to use live bullets against anyone taking part in the protests. Many People will sacrifice their lives in voicing out their grieviances, irrespective of the threatening death campaign by the goverment of Ernest Bai Koroma.

Sahr Musa Yamba's photo.        Sierra Leoneans in Maryland and Washington (above), USA held a meeting  on March 29, 2015 to condemn Ernest Koroma’s unconstitutional acts, corruption and the misappropriation of the Ebola Funds.(Copyright: Sahr Musa Yamba)

Magnus Pewa's photo.    Magnus Pewa's photo.    

A cross section of Sierra Leoneans (above) in United Kingdom protesting and  chanting..”.Viva Samsuma! Victor Foh must go!! Respect constitution” in front of No.10 Downing Street against the dictatorial abuse of the Constitution by President Ernest Baibai Koroma. (Copyright: Magnus Pewa).

Sahr Musa Yamba's photo.  Sahr Musa Yamba's photo.
Sahr Musa Yamba's photo. Sahr Musa Yamba's photo.
Sahr Musa Yamba's photo.

 Another cross section (above) of Sierra Leoneans in USA at the Sierra Leone Embassy to register their discontent of the sacking of VP Sam-Sumana. At the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC in protest of the unsavory power-grab, executive-fiat and unconstitutional acts of Ernest Bai Koroma. The message was clear: we the people shall no longer countenance the despotic acts of our Predident, EBK. In our letter to EBK through the ambassador, we requested for an instant roll back of his ill-informed and unconstitutional decision in relieving our VP from his official duties, The ambassador promised to deliver the request in person to our president as he would  shortly be in Freetown, Sierra  Leone. (Copyright: Saa Kaimachiande)
In another development, President Ernest Koroma’s lockdown over the Weekend (March 27-29 2015) reveals his neglect of many important sectors in Sierra Leone. People were kept indoors without electricity, sufficient food and water supply!!
Idrissa Conteh's photo. Idrissa Conteh's photo.  Idrissa Conteh's photo.
Idrissa Conteh's photo. Idrissa Conteh's photo.